Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My weekend activities. Hosting my own garage sale!

I can’t decide if this was a great weekend to have garage sale or a bummer weekend, since I miss out on all the other garage sales going on!

I’m going to say great weekend because we had a rather steady stream of people.


Remember the new Chicco stroller set I got here for $95 and was a steal of a deal? Well, time to sell the old one! This one had gone through 2 kids before my two kids and is old faithful. I priced it at $25 hoping it would help someone out like it did us. A lady bought it for a colege who came to work crying because she didn’t have a stroller for her baby, $25 to help her friend sounded good to her!

The bike sold for $10 and was one a neighbor brought over to get rid of. The trike for $3 and the slide, which was a gift my daughter outgrew sold for $12 to a lady having a b-day party for her 2 year old and had no toys for the other kids! LOL! The tunnel sold for $2.


This was my 3 year-old’s contribution! It was a back hoe I bought him for his birthday in October. He played with it but in purging the back yard of all the large toys this one didn’t make the cut. I got it for $.99 at a thrift store and sold it for $2. Then we went to a $1 store and he bought a bug catcher for himself and a ball for his sister. Got to love the lessons that thrifting and reselling is teaching him!


Hubby got rid of a bunch of tools


See that gum ball machine. That was a neighbors. He priced it at $30 and some lady knocked it over, broke the glass, then complained about the “dangerous stuff” we had at our garage sale, and she wasn’t talking about the saws/tools/leaf blower/paintsprayer. Nope. Just the gumball machine. She very nicely gave us $15 for the breaking it. I’m trying to sell the stand for $5 to make some money off it.

Sold the leaf blower for $75 for a neighbor.


The wrapping paper and the tree skirts were things I found where someone threw them away. Can you believe it? The wrapping paper is complete with tags and still unused and in its own wrap! Sold each for $. 50. Made a nice little profit just for rescuing some items! Still have more wrapping paper.


Very happy with all the stuff we got ride of. Ours and friend’s and neighbors. It was the best garage sell we’ve ever had!

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  1. Ugg..that's what I hate about hosting my own sale. I miss out on all the others. Sounds like you did well. I'm particpating in a kids sale this weekend. I have a ton of crap to sell. Last year, I scooped up a HUGE lot of Robeez for cheap. Made a killing off of them. Hoping they are there again with some more killer deals.