Monday, April 25, 2011

Thrifting for this today!

My thrifting of the day!

I usually avoid the thrift store on Monday’s due to the fact that everything is 1/2 off and I end up buying more things for me than to resell! Well, today was no different!

I got a pair of slip on shoes for my daughter (a little too big right now) for $1.48. They are Airwalk so nothing fancy, but they are in great shape and kinda cute!


Did you every play with Cootie’s? I have a vague memory of these toys. Anyway the store had 2 boxes, one was “The Original” and was was a newer version. The newer box was $2.99 and this one was 99cents (price on the upper left corner, under the MB.) I got this for my kids to play with on a trip we are about to take. It is the perfect age for them and they will have a lot of fun!


So, all my time reading other blogs is starting to pay off! At least I hope. These Ked’s are in the washer right now getting cleaned up They are a little worn but if they don’t sell they will fit my daughter some day. (really liking slip on’s for her with this baby belly I have right now!)


I can say I haven’t ever heard of Ked’s…guess I never gave much attention to shoe brands. That was until I saw this post on Mommy’s Paycheck. She talks about how Ked’s were a great seller, so when these were only a little over $1 I decided to risk it! You’ll see how it turns out! The thing going against me the most seems to be how worn they are. But we will see how they look after we wash them! The bottoms have little wear and the material is good.


Here was another interesting buy. I brought this home then had to email my friend at Cathrine’s Peacock to see if it even worth even the 25 cents I put into it. She gave me hope to sell it for around $5. I was impressed that it is dishwasher/oven/freezer & microwave safe! It is an England made cup est. in 1810 and is a Pearsons of Christerfield.


These jars I’ve been collecting for my new pantry. I pay usually around $2 each for them but I won’t pay more, these was no exception. I paid full price (wasn’t on sale) of $1.98 for this jar. The seal is a little cracked but I think I can replace it.


The last thing I picked up was this vintage slide kit. It was 99 cents and I’m going to try to get a few dollars out of it, thought I’m not sure anyone uses slides anymore. They just plain don’t really exist on eBay so this should be interesting! Lol! I will letcha know what becomes of them!


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  1. Thank you!!! XOXO

    On another note, you haven't heard of KEDS? That's so foreign to me! LOL. KEDS are the only canvas shoes that one should wear! I went through tons of pairs of these when I was a kid. They hold up great and you can wash them over and over again.

  2. LOL! Yes. I am on odd one! But I can explain. The nearest store to us growing up was 30 minutes away. And was a walmart. If I wanted to find a different shoe store it would be 45 min-2 hrs away! Yes. We grew up on walmart shoes..and so did everyone else in town so garage sales weren't even that great! LOL! I did discover Payless as a teenager! LOL! Now I am a little nicer to my feet!

  3. Ditto..Keds..seriously. I'll be anxious to see how they sell for you. I have 2 more pairs to list..but need to get around to it. Okay..the Kodak slides are funny..only because I bought a Vintage Kodak camera case. Not sure it'll go for much, but I didn't pay much either. Anxious to see how your auctions go. BTW..Thanks for the plug on my blog.