Friday, April 29, 2011

Patchwork shorts Wal-mart brand.

A few weeks ago I picked up these Wal-mart brand shorts because I remembered something about patchwork shorts selling well. They were a junior size 9 and they finally sold for $2 plus shipping on eBay. I didn’t make a ton but a seed was planted.


Last Saturday I found these shorts for .99 cents at the same thrift store. Size 11 junior. I threw them in my cart knowing I could at least make a buck off these Wal-mart shorts.

Woman's No Boundaries Size 11 Girl's Patchwork Shorts

I priced them at $4.99 plus shipping and was shocked then they got a bid on the 1st day! With my shipping cost that means someone will pay at least $9.94 for these shorts, and wait for them to come in the mail!

They are cute but I didn’t figure someone would pay much for Wal-mart brand shorts. Guess I was wrong!

I will definatly be looking for these type of shorts at garage sales this summer. If I can get them for 50 cents I just might be able to squeeze a few more penny profit out of these no-brand shorts!

Plus I think people will go crazy over these shorts in a name brand. Good to know. And they sell boy or girl from the looks of things!

Here is a link to Mommy’s Paycheck where she wrote about the shorts, calling them Madras shorts. I’m not sure if they would sell more under which name but always good to know what to call things! I remember reading someone would put Jean and Denim under the title when posting blue jeans. So it pulls it up no matter what the person is searching for!

What is the oddest thing you’ve sold on eBay?



  1. Okay..the oddest thing I've sold..not really odd and not on Ebay..but was our old stove. It worked, but it was missing the oven handle. I only got rid of it because my husband thought it was a safety hazard (I LOVED it). Anyways, the craziest part of the story, the guy that bought it took it in the trunk of a car. I never laughed so hard..

  2. Plastic spoons! Yes, plastic spoons. They were vintage and I sold 7 lots of 10 for $8.00 each. One person was going to use them in their ice cream parlor they were opening in Michigan! I thought that was pretty cool.