Thursday, August 30, 2012

My $5.90 bed


One of the best things about buying and selling is sometimes you find great deals that you get to keep!

My family went to California for the first time ever, this year and, true to form, I found a garage sale in a friend’s neighborhood, as the kids and I were browsing around I found a down comforter in a bag. The owner said it was California king size and that it was “one of those nice ones.” She said she was asking a whole $5 for it because it was nice.

I could see some spots on it but knowing these comforters run from $65-400 I decided I could certainly spend the $5. The kids sleep on one of these at their grandparents and call it “The Cloud”.


Well, it still has some spots and a few discoloration on the edges but you would never know! Our bed has never been so fluffy! We sleep on a queen size bed and this California king drapes beautifully over the sides! I can even buy a cover for it if I ever want to change the color. Of course that would cost about $35 more than the comforter cost!


The “Home” Pillow was purchased at a garage sale 3 years ago for $.75. The white lace square pillow was about $.15 that I picked up this year, and the blanket at the end was a wedding present ages ago.

So for under $6 I got a new bed that REALLY makes me never want to get up!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping Target for cheap

When I started couponing a few years ago I didn’t understand why everyone didn’t do it. It is so easy with web sites out there that help you and tell you print this, go to this store, check out like this.

But then I had 3 kids and I stopped. I found out shopping at my local ALDI was not only cheaper, I could be in and out without flipping coupons AND feeding my children less junkfood (free or not!)

But with 2 of the 3 kids spending a week with their grandparents I took advantage to check out target coupons. Target is about 2 miles away from us so it is an easy place to check out.




I saved $33.27 on my first trip.

1) The garage sale kit (upper left) wasn’t in the system so the awesome checkout clerk asked if $2.99 was a good price. I figured it was and when I looked it up it seems like they run about $5. It has everything including a marker, price tags, signs, and tie tags with it!

2) Bagel bites were $7.99 but with a $2 off coupon I splurged and paid $5.99 for this large pack.

3)The gray tank top (Top of bagel bites) was on sale for $5.99.

4) The bread was free with purchase of meat, which I had $2 off making them under $2 each. -$1/1 printable coupon x 2

5) Cake mixes were $.86 each. ON SALE

6) Fruit snacks were $.50 each with coupon. $1/1 Target printable coupon

7) Pens were free- $1/1 PaperMate Writing Instrument

8) Pizza rolls, another splurge were around $2 with a coupon $1/40 ct (in back to school


The next trip I found some coupons to match with some sales I had seen earlier.


Annie’s mac n cheese for $.75 each $ .50/2 Target printable coupon



Almond Joy creamer for .39 cents!!! $1.50/1 printable coupon

What this blog, and I, are all about

I’m not sure it is even worth posting after being gone so long! Thank you faithful followers (or random people who just checked out this blog!)
As a reminder, or first time announcement: This is a blog about how I found my niche in selling on eBay, saving money by purchasing 2nd hand, and a love for shopping garage sales.
I am the mother of 3, married to the man who is far-beyond-my-wildest-dreams and lets me stay home with our kids. I homeschool my 3 and 4 year old (yea, they are pretty smart) and enjoy every minute of my life!
Occasionally I help my husband at the job site, he is a professional tile setter, and owns his own company, but with three young kids I pretty much can mess up more than I can help so I’ve found that home is the best place for me…well, that and thrift stores!
I really want this blog to show the amazing deals I can get, the money I make, and hopefully inspire others to join in the fun!
Last year I made about $1200 selling on eBay and Craisglist, and had to pay taxes on that for the first time (Yay! and Ukkk!) lol. This year I hope to do better than that, without missing a beat with my family. A challenge to be sure!