Monday, June 13, 2011

Update! The finished kid’s bunk beds!

The quilts are done! Yay! My grandmother whipped them out in like a week!
Here is where the bunk beds came into my possession for a mere $15. (I already had the mattress)
And Here is where they made their first debut a few weeks later.
Below is a picture of them with the dresser I got for free on Craigslist and painted leaving myself enough leftover paint to do the beds when I found them a few months later.
And now here it is all done with the quilts.
Yes! Isn’t it awesome! I love the handkerchief! But that isn’t all!
They are reversible! I know! Custom made and reversible! I’m so blessed!
Check out the way she quilted it. With squiggles! So fun!
Someday I might make pillows for the beds but right now I’m done. Also might make a bed skirt too.
Better yet, my Grandma used mostly scraps for the patriotic side! She made a bunch of “flag” quilts a few years back and had scraps from them. I love it!


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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday finds


My amazing hubby was going to help a friend this morning and he offered to take the kids so I could go garage sale shopping. I mean what husband does that? Mine!

So off I went in my minivan but without the kids to hit all the sales I could. I found some great deals, which was awesome but by 10:30 I was beat. This last week of pregnancy must be getting to me cuz I skipped the thrift store and came home to take a nap…I know, how bad is that?

Check out what I got:

A few summer items for the soon-to-be-born baby! 50 cents each:


Shoes for my little girl. They are “jumping bean” brand, which I know nothing about but $1 and in good condition. My daughter loves them!


Some trains for my son, well, he gave the one called “Lady” to his sister and kept “Spencer.”

These trains are mostly metal and run about $12 each from the store. They don’t resale very well but for $.25 each I can’t go wrong for the joy they bring the kids!



Some string for miscellaneous things…never can have too much! And a small jar for pretty much the same reason!



I scored on this Pampered Chef baking stone. It is rarely used and only $1! I later saw a baking rectangle for sale for $2 but I had to pass it up cuz I can only have so many…already regret it though!



And at $2 this wagon was my deal of the day! I asked the lady how much she wanted for it and she said, “How much do you want to pay for it?”

Now, don’t ask a garage sale shopping person that! I want you to give it to me just to be ride of it!

However, I didn’t say that! I said the next most insulting thing: “How about $1?”

She said 2 and she got herself a deal! I was excited but wouldn’t have paid more because I don’t need it but it will match my house decoration so I will find somewhere for it …or resale it. The asking price is from $30 to $60 but I don’t know what they sell for yet.


So mostly it was a very selfish day, not much in the way of business but I had a lot of care-free fun and I believe I spent around $8 total. A splurge every once in a while is ok! LOL!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

While the kids are away, Mama will shop!

The kids got to go to Grandma and Papa’s for a few days so Saturday morning garage sales where hit by me and my sister…no car seats! Having the kids go with me is fun but going without them is a special treat too!
I didn’t do good on the reselling side of things. Everyone had high priced clothing or it was winter clothing.
But I got a few things for the house:
This pillow was my first purchase. It is missing 1 button. I think I will keep it but if I find a matching button I might sell it, or use it to make another one like it!
Love the ends!
The next thing was a spice rack complete with very strong smelling spices!
Some of them I will use and some I won’t. I don’t need the rack but I love the uniform jars! Thinking of using chalk labels on them. For $1 I can’t loose!

Now this was a random purchase! I first heard and ordered my ultimate cloth after reading this article. They had a promo where you only paid shipping so I got my cloth. Now these are a different brand but seem to work the same way. You only need water to make them work and you can reuse them alot. And there is some freezer cloth in the bunch. Not sure what that is yet!
Anyway, I got this pack for 50 cents.

Then I got some video’s for the kids, 25 cents each, and some lotion from a lady who gets lotion a bunch but is allergic to it. Aren’t these bath and body work bottles like $10 each? The purple one is Avon. Sweet! I have plans on making a “You-just-had-a-baby-so-spoil-yourself” package for friend’s I know who have babies so I’m looking for cute bottles to hold all these lotion and stuff I’ve collected!
I then picked this brand new sign up for $2. Original price tag said it was $19.50. They hadn’t even taken the cardboard off the back to hang it up!
When I showed this next purchase to my husband I told him I felt like I was bringing him record holders or something vintage like that! LOL. These are for my son’s VHS that don’t have cases. I’ve been looking for something uniform. I got these and a few other Black cases for $1
And this last item I’m not sure why I got. It is being used as my change jar at the moment. It just caught my attention 3 times and was only 50 cents. Hopefully it won’t end up in my next garage sale!


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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bunk Beds: Before and After!

Remember those bunk bed I picked up for $15 at a garage sale?
Well, after my daughter helped unload (she did all the planks by herself!)
You know how many trips that was to and from the van?
Here is her little pile! Unorganized but done all by herself. I was one proud mama!
Well after unloading I had to start on the project right away. If you don’t start, it makes it impossible to finish right?
I started by sanding down the pieces. Even with an electric sander this took a while. I decided I should test it to see if I need to sand down every piece or if I could just paint over it.
The paint seemed to do fine over the stain so I went with it. The stain was chipped and needed redone and I figured painting it would be the fastest and easiest ( I already had the paint). It took about 6 days to paint, repaint, and touch up the bed. But was very rewarding.
Here is the bed my son has been sleeping on. It is actually the top of a bunk bed, but this is the only part we have of it. We love this bed. With the side rails on it he went from sleeping in a pack ‘n play to this bed. Since then I added another mattress (that is why it is so high) because I needed somewhere to store it until we got bunk beds put in.
Well, with just a few weeks until the baby comes it was time for this bed to go to storage until our little one can use it.
So after clearing out, sweeping, vacuuming (we haven’t moved the bed in a while) the bed was ready to be installed. My hubby was home this day and boy was I glad!
First off see this piece? For the record these pieces not only fall out but are not sold at your regular hardware store! The bed was missing about 5 of them so off to Lowes we went.
The husband is brilliant! He found these pieces…
And got them to work. And they are permanent…no falling out on these babies!
I don’t have matching quilts yet, but they are going to be awesome when they are done!
See those two railing that connect to the ladder. Those were broken when I bought the bunk beds. They said the ladder was busted but it was just those rails. The ladder was fine. We replaced the rails with slightly larger boards ( 4x1’s instead of 3x1’s) but they blend in nicely.
On of the rails that was busted will work for the bottom bunk, so my two year old doesn’t roll off. Hubby thinks of everything!
I love that the ladder doesn’t stick out into the room. We don’t have a ton of space so this is very nice!
The possibilities for these beds is endless, but I doubt black will be their final color. I might separate them someday and do one white for my daughter’s room, or strip and re-stain them a nicer wood stain.
But right now they match the dresser I refinished here. Remember what it used to look like?
Yikes! But it was free!

So the room is still a work in progress but here is a panorama shot so you can see the dresser and the bed. Amazing how paint can make the two things match!
(See that little kitchen in the corner? A friend of ours had a cabinet shop and when he closed it down he used scrap pieces to make these and gave us one. It has real Formica on the top and a real (not hooked up) faucet. The cabinets that make the fridge and under the stove are actually cabinets that go over your stove top or fridge! Amazing and cute huh? And built to last a lifetime!)
Future plans:
  • Work on reversible matching quilts
  • Add side board so bottom bunk is roll-off proof.
  • Add gutter bookshelves to walls.
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    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    Tip for BUYING on eBay

    I just saw a tip where they advised people to misspell your searches to find great savings on eBay!

    One person said she was looking for “Mexican Silver Bracelet” and she searched for “Mexica SLIVER Bracelet.” She got the $200 bracelet for $7.

    EBay is good and can be cheap! But running searches like this might just get you better deals!

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Sales gone bad

    I got an unexpected package in the mail this week. Usually that is a very exciting thing. This time I wasn’t so sure. (I was nice and edited the address out of it.)


    All over this package was stamped that was attempted to be delivered but they couldn’t deliver it  (bad address) so it was returned. I checked the date on the stamp and it said it was from February. That was ages ago!

    I started researching it to see if they had complained. My Ebay score is still 100% Could it be they just forgot they ordered it?

    Paypal had the answer! I had refunded the money after they said they never got the package. I had 2 of these happen in February and it was right after big snow storms so I just figured some things got lost in the mail. I was glad to get this one back. It was a pair of Ann Taylor Capri's:



    Which are cute enough to resell. Maybe I can get my money back…again. Does make me wonder about the other packages that I have refunded money for, at least 2. One lady I sent some coupons to and she said she hadn’t got it and I said if it didn’t come by the end of the week I would refund her the money. Well that day her son found it in the snow while he was waiting for the bus. She said the mailman must have dropped it. Funny story. I might have had to pay out of my own pocket because of a mailman’s mistake.

    Thankfully these experiences are few and far between!