About Me!

Thank you for visiting my blog!I
am a 27 year old, Oklahoman, stay at home mom who has 7 kids. 
I am married to an amazing man who owns his own company setting tile. God has really blessed us with the success of this company even with a bad economy.
I have everything to live for and lots to do! I enjoy gardening, re-purposing things into more useful items & visiting friends. I also love garage sales and getting items for way under value. My avenue for this is eBay, as you probably know by looking at my blog!
My favorite things are watching my husband and the kids play together when he gets home and weeding the garden while being serenaded by my hubby on his guitar!
I try to remember that is is the simple things in life that let us enjoy everything more, and God's beauty is reflected every day in many ways.