Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Easy Buck – selling formula coupons!


I’ve received lots of formula coupons in the mail. In the past I would sigh and wish it was $5 off something I used. Like diapers or wipes, and then toss them into the trash. But no more!

An acquaintance happened to say something about how he would sell (on Ebay) the formula coupons he and his wife received after they had twins. I didn’t sell much on eBay back then but the seed was planted. I’ve had great success at it but today proved that they are a hot item, year round no less!

I put up THIS AUCTION (I know, with a crummy picture!) and within probably 2 hours the $15 worth of coupons sold for $10 buy it now price! Sweeeeet! And I saved a tree…or at least delayed throwing away the paper for a little while! Lol!
I started it out with a $3 auction and thought I would stick a BIN price on it. I thought $10 for $15 worth of stuff was a fair price and I have to say I guess it really was!
Here are a few more auction that have sold formula coupons:
$7 for $10 worth of Similac coupons
$31 for $40 worth of Similac coupons

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The natural artists!

When I was about 8 months pregnant I looked out my window to see our new neighbors cutting down all 5 of their trees in their yard. 2 oak, 1 elm, 1 hackaberry, and 1 bradford pear. Now, they don’t have a big yard and trees are spares in this area. (I have a small dogwood growing in my front yard and that’s it!)

Anywho, long story short I got them to put the Hackaberry and the Elm in my yard cut up.

I’m not sure what I was thinking because now I needed to cut them up further and I couldn’t exactly do that at 8 months pregnant. Not in our neighborhood. Someone would report me. I got in trouble just mowing my yard. I had to wait until my neighbors went to work to mow the front!

So my dad and husband came to the rescue and cut up the logs for me! YAY!

When I saw the larger cut chunks I told my 3 year old son that we would do some art work on them.

Well, today was the day!







Check out this look of concentration!!!



So if you have any stumps laying around, this might be a nice in-the-shade project!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Beauty from within!

I saw this video and was very impresses with the whole thing.
Check it out. I think it is something young girls really could use:


 If you look at it from the view point of God as this song puts it, well, it just really can open up your eyes! Not just for your kids, but for each of us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Junk tray birthday surprise!

Recently I found two trays for free at a garage sale. After dealing with my husbands “What-in-the-world-are-these-ugly-things-doing-in-my-house” looks, I told him I had plans for them and to please not throw them away. Well, then we had the baby and he got distracted, so my trays got to stay!
Well, we got invited to a don’t-bring-any-presents birthday party. Well, that gave me an idea for the smaller of the two trays.
I didn’t get a picture before I painted it but here it is after 2 coats of white spray paint and 1 sanding.
I printed off several sizes of the girl’s name (cool spelling huh?)
I chose the medium size and cut then taped it up to our window. I used a pencil and traced the backside of the paper.

Then I taped it correct side up on the tray.
I then went over the printed side with a ball point pen.
The pencil marks on the back rubs off gently onto the tray.

Yeah, after a while I wasn’t so neat!
It worked perfectly!
Then I went over it with a magic marker. I was going to paint it but this seemed easier.
It was still plain so I glued some paper to the tray.
A few bows and buttons later…
I added some magnets and some verses, I will add a picture before we give it to her.
I got the magnets at Michaels. They were $2 for 6 and were cheaper than making them myself, which surprised me…oh wait! They were $1.30 because I asked if they had any coupons and they gave me 40 % off! Always ask!

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