Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Easy Buck – selling formula coupons!


I’ve received lots of formula coupons in the mail. In the past I would sigh and wish it was $5 off something I used. Like diapers or wipes, and then toss them into the trash. But no more!

An acquaintance happened to say something about how he would sell (on Ebay) the formula coupons he and his wife received after they had twins. I didn’t sell much on eBay back then but the seed was planted. I’ve had great success at it but today proved that they are a hot item, year round no less!

I put up THIS AUCTION (I know, with a crummy picture!) and within probably 2 hours the $15 worth of coupons sold for $10 buy it now price! Sweeeeet! And I saved a tree…or at least delayed throwing away the paper for a little while! Lol!
I started it out with a $3 auction and thought I would stick a BIN price on it. I thought $10 for $15 worth of stuff was a fair price and I have to say I guess it really was!
Here are a few more auction that have sold formula coupons:
$7 for $10 worth of Similac coupons
$31 for $40 worth of Similac coupons

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