Sunday, January 29, 2012

Round up! January


Sales were not as good this week as last week! However, I think things will start picking up. I’m experimenting with free shipping as well! Check it out!
I got these frogs (above) in a bag of stuff for .99 cents. I tried to get .99 out of it but someone did the BIN for $4.50. Someone is getting a good deal. This can be up to $17 if he would have waited for v-day!

Here  (below) is one of my free shipping. I probably will raise the price as I get more confident with things!

I was pretty excited that these Limited pants sold so quickly and for $10 plus shipping!
I did not think Liz Claiborne would go this fast! But someone got a great deal for these like new pants!

It wasn’t until after I posted this that I found out what they were! They are zimmbos and sell for about $18 for a whole set on Amazon. I was pretty happy with my sell price even without the right tag on them. ‘Specially since they are not a complete set!image
My Friend at Mom's Paycheck sold some Trivial cards and that inspired me to post these rather than toss them. I got them and a bunch of other items for .99 cents, and sold these for almost $10. Shipping cost me around $4 so it was a nice profit for something I would have thrown away.

Rabbit’s fur! yes, this soft sweater has Rabbit’s fur in it! Sold for $10 with a last second bid!

These pants had 2 bids, from the same bidder, that always makes me wonder how high they were willing to go!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free preschool learning tools!


I am not sure where I got this idea from. I think it is a mix of pintrest idea and my own stingy nature to do things for free!

IMG_1833 IMG_1834

They are reading sticks! Very easy to make and a great way to get your child over the “sounding out every letter ‘til they forget what the whole word sounded like" stage! Yea, you know! That stage!


All you need to make this is a paint stick (free at the hardware store) A paint chip with wholes in it (compliments of Lowes) a magic marker and string! (Painting the stick is optional. I used acrylic for mine. One could also spray paint)

My 4 year old loves them. And my 2 year old! They are great for car trips!

IMG_1836 IMG_1837  

Oh, and while you are at the store grab some larger cards and turn them into a color book for you learning-colors child! I love free!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Round up! What I sold on eBay!



Well my first week back into selling in months and my reports say I made…….



Hello eBay! I’m back!!

I bought a few bags of stuff for 99 cents each….6 to be exact! And thankfully, my 1st sell paid for all 6!

I sold these Trash Pack toys for $7!

 IMG_4235 \

I was pretty excited to see these smurfs due to the movie, alas, they only sold for 99 cents, but that paid for the whole bag of toys I purchased, some of which I’m not even trying to sell so at least it wasn’t a bust.



One thing I tried to sell but it didn’t sell is this AWESOME melissa and doug butterfly!

The circles come off AND the shapes come off! My 6 mo old likes it, my 2 yr old plays with it and my 4 yr old was showing Daddy how it’s done. Defiantly worth the 99 cents I paid for the whole bag! Wait, though, I got that back already- Score.

I was surprised that Melissa and Doug items don’t resale for much.

Any thoughts?



Sold these for 99 cents as well! That double paid for another bag.

They don’t usually sell well for me so I was happy. If I had more storage I might try to save up and sell a bunch, but I guess I’d have to get more if I wanted to do that and I just don’t see them often.



One of the bags had this Tonka bulldozer. It fits in the palm of your hand so it is small and it sold for: $2.99



I know none of those seemed like that great of sales but I got more than my money’s worth and when I buy miscellaneous stuff I’m just happy to break even with the risk!


On to bigger and better things!

This OSU cover didn’t work for my friend’s phone when she realized she wanted a hard case for it. She said she paid $20 for it and just gave it to me.

I sold it for $12. Someone got a good deal by buying this!


Several people have given me clothing to go through. I found two items of lingerie and since I’ve never sold it but figure it sells good I figured I’d stick it on there!

This Gilligain and Omalley sleepwear sold for $5 with shipping. Not much but something!

Picnik collage


This Intimissimi Pink and cream top and bottom lingerie Victoria Secret  Faired better bringing me $10.01 with shipping.



Sold for asking price of $10. I should have done a higher BIN price but I think I was pretty tired when I posted this! Now I’m wondering if I should snatch up any animal skin colored items!


This Nike pull over was worn by me last spring. It just didn’t work for me any more. I got it for .99 cents and sold it for $3. When I add getting to wear it for a season, I’m happy.


These J Crew pants were a pleasant surprise when a bidding war happened and they reached $15.50. With this horrid photo to boot! Can you tell I kept them folded over a wire hanger since summer? NOT doing that again!





Friday, January 20, 2012


I had no idea these were worth so much! I see them at garage sales all the time but after seeing someone sold a set of less than what I had stowed in my closet for $60 I thought I’d try it! Now I didn’t have the complete set with the reader, cuz I foolishly through that away in the past, but I thought I might make $9 or $10 off it! So I posted mine in sets of 2 both sets for $10.

One didn’t go much higher and sold for $10.60:



The other one got stuck in a bidding war and sold for $23.95!!


Now, it isn’t $60 but it is over $30! Just for what I had sitting in my closet! Someone had given these to me so all it took to sell them was my time! Amazing. I don’t know if I will ever get used to turning free stuff into money!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What can you sell on eBay? SO MUCH!


After the kids head to bed I start my homework. I didn’t look at it like it was homework for the first few months but now I realize, that is just what it is!

Reading blogs and finding out what sells is research homework. Most of the time it is pleasant, but a few times it is a chore! So I decided to share a few things I’ve discovered this last time of research!

Here is what I’ve found other people are selling.

From: The Recycle-ista...Adventures in Thrifting


Thrifted this sterling belt buckle on a belt for just a few dollars and sold it for $75!

I will be checking the belts from now on thank you very much!!


Below is from:

This was a very fast sale. It's an Adidas tennis skirt, size small. I have another one very similar to it that's NWT. I wasn't sure how well the pre-owned one would do, but it was the half off color, and I decided I was willing to risk a whopping $1.49 to find out. I'm glad I did.

  • Acquired: 1/3/12

  • Listed On: 1/4/12

  • Sold On: 1/10/12

  • Paid: $1.49

  • Sold For: $19.99 + shipping

Always, always, ALWAYS buy these. I cannot keep these in stock. This is the Clairol Style Setter. Sometimes they say that on the cover, sometimes they don't. There is more than one Clairol Style Setter out there, but the red base always sells quickly for me. I have gotten anywhere from $24.99 - $39.99 for these. I had 2 sets to list the other day, so I put them both in the same listing for $39.99 or best offer, plus shipping, and I put that I had 2 available. I had a woman make me an offer for BOTH sets. I quickly jumped on it, not only because it was a good offer, but because she was buying both. I'm always willing to sell things a little lower if they buy more than one.

  • Acquired: 9/23/11 (local Goodwill) and 10/21 (getaway weekend in West Virginia)
  • Listed On: 12/20/11
  • Sold On: 12/26/11
  • Paid: $3.17 and $3.98
  • Sold For: $30 each + shipping
  • I love selling Clairol Kindness Deluxe 3-Way Hairsetters. This is the 3rd or 4th one I sold, and it was no exception. This was the very first hot roller set I sold. It was back before I knew that BIN listings were the way to go. I auctioned it and it went for $51! I haven't sold any that high since. They usually go for $30-35. I paid $6.25 for this one and sold it for $30.

I used to sell a lot of Vision Ware. It's not the easiest thing in the world to store and ship though, so I've gotten pretty picky about the VW that I buy. It needs to be either a 2.5 L saucepan or a casserole/dutch oven, or I don't bother. No teflon on the bottom, and NO skillets. If I find a 1.5 L, I'll buy it though, because "someone" broke mine. Apparently that's the size I use most often, because I'm going crazy without it.  Anyway ... rabbit trail ... this was a 2.5. I paid $4.21 for it in October and sold it this week for $29.99 plus shipping.

If you aren't convinced yet that microwave turntables are a good seller, I don't know what more to say or do. For awhile I quit buying them, because I already had a tall stack and didn't want to have to start a second stack. But then I sold several in one week and came to my senses. I've bought 10 or 15 in the past couple weeks that I need to get cleaned up and list. They list quickly, so I don't know what the hold up is. I paid $1.13 for this one in July and sold it this week for my full asking price of $24.99. When someone buys a turntable for my full asking price, I generally upgrade the shipping from parcel to priority, even if it costs me a few bucks. I figure it's the least I can do for them being respectful of my asking price. I get SO many lowball offers on turntables, it's disgusting. So this buyer will be pleasantly surprised to get their turntable much sooner than they expected!

Is this not the ugliest, most dated latch hook design you've ever seen? Who, when thinking about their Christmas decor, decides that they want to latch hook a duck with a wreath around its neck? Really now. But it was new in the package, so I bought it. I paid 50 cents for it at a yard sale this summer. It sold for $14.99 to the UK during my 25% off sale this week.

This wasn't a big exciting sale either, but it makes me smile. I paid $1.50 at a yard sale in June, but only because it was still in the wrapper. I sold it for $19.99 (-$6.65 shipping).


I bought this about a year ago, because I remembered my brother having one when we were little. Turns out his was the red LED display, not the grey and black display that this one has. I decided to keep it and let the kids use it for math review. Well, with most new things like this, they were excited about it for about a month. I just found it in the back of our math manipulatives drawer and decided to list it. It sold the next day for my full asking price of $24.99! I had listed it with free US shipping, but it sold internationally, so I didn't even have to pay the shipping :)

This wasn't a big sale in an of itself. 16 Scrabble racks for $14.99. However, in the past couple of weeks, I also sold the 6 boards for $24.99 and I sold the 500 tiles  for $50 minus $4.90 shipping. So for my $4-5 investment in these Scrabble games, I got $89.98! Always buy Scrabble games.



Note from HandkerchiefGal: This next post made me sad. I just threw away a leappad reader just like this one because I wasn’t sure the battery’s worked. I know. “Wasn’t sure” might have cost me around $60! Garage sale shopping for this this summer!

Another great sale! I bought this lot in May for $5.29 and listed it pretty high with best offer. I got a couple ridiculously low offers on them, and I was just starting to wonder if I needed to redo the lot. These books are mixed grade levels, which probably had something to do with why it wasn't selling for what I wanted. I finally ended up selling them yesterday for $65 with free shipping. It fit perfectly into a side-loading medium flat rate box, so I was only out $9.97 for the shipping.


MONEY IN THE GARAGE made a good point and greater buck when pointing out that tv shows can add some cash to your pocket!

He bought the above back for $1 and netted $30 on this well used bag!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Posting like there’s no tomorrow!

Well, when I decided to get back into EBay sales after my time off I jumped in with both feet!

I posted around 25 items tomorrow and today reorganized my storage system. We live in a 1400 square foot home, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and no place for EBay stuff!

This might be a good thing because it keeps me in check…sort of. Kinda. Not really at all.

Our spare room is our catch all for…well, everything. It is my husband’s office/ spare room/ coat closet and the-room-with-the-closet-I-keep-my-vacuum in.

My office is in the master bedroom where I keep the whole room in a natural disaster state. But I’m trying to figure out a way to fix that.

Here’s what I did. I went dumpster diving.


Ok, I didn’t QUITE look like that but I needed boxes. Boxes that were uniform size. And free. Definitely free. Did you know that behind many stores they have these dumpsters for ONLY cardboard. I guess they recycle them. I HOPE they recycle them. Because that would mean I’m pulling them out of the dumpster to use them for what they were put in the dumpster for in the first place! I think.

I found a bunch of boxes all the same size. And after filling up a couple of them with unsellable junk I started organizing the sellable stuff. First I have a 18 gallon tote for the stuff not listed. That is in my office. In our spare room/ office/vacuum/coat closet room I have this behind the multipurpose closet door:


Then I put the rest in these:


First off: I’ve never been in Ulta. But I have been in their cardboard dumpster several times.

Now, I know you are probably thinking, Uk! I wouldn’t want that in my house! Well, This is better than having them strewn all over or shoved in a closet like they were. Now when something sells I can just pull out which box it is in and stick it in the crate on top. (Who wants to bet the next thing that sells is pants? All the way on the bottom. Yea, haven’t figured out everything yet!)

Now I still don’t know what to do with the stuff that doesn’t sell. I guess I need to have a box for the its-just-not-selling-and-needs-to-get-out-of-my-house stuff. I’ll work on that. Maybe it will just all sell and I don’t have to worry about it.

Also I have a rubber tote of all the summer stuff I need to probably put in boxes til it is in season. But I’m pretty much out of boxes right now. I didn’t set my sites high enough I guess.

On another note I can’t decide if this looks like I sell a lot or very little on Ebay. I guess it depends on how full those boxes are. Hmmm…

If you have a way to organize your Ebay stuff or anything you sell online let me know! I’d love ideas so if this doesn’t work out I have a back up plan!

I’d love to have an EBAY ROOM like Kelly with My Dear Trash.

Maybe someday!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Postal rates increase…again

First-Class Package Service (formerly known as First-Class Mail commercial parcels and now a Shipping Services product) will see an overall price increase of 3.7 percent. The Intelligent Mail package barcode will provide free visibility to these parcels.

Prices will also be adjusted for other Shipping Services products and services, including Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service, International Mail, Premium Forwarding Service and Post Office Box Service.

New domestic retail pricing for Priority Mail Flat Rate products include:

  • Small box — $5.35
  • Medium box — $11.35
  • Large box — $15.45
  • Large APO/FPO/DPO box — $13.45
  • Regular envelope — $5.15
  • Legal-size and Padded envelope — $5.30


With these prices it is going to cost us even more to ship! Let me know how you save money with shipping!

Here is how I ship

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello EBay, I’m BACK!


Well, after taking a longer break than I had planned I’m back on the EBay front!

I kicked it off with trip to the thrift store, buying $14 worth of items, and then today selling a pant suit set.


Can you believe I got this feminine suit set, size xs (pants size 2) The Limited brand for only $.99?

The things people throw away!

The name of the buyer sounded Asian. How perfect would this be for a smaller build?

It is in the mailbox on its way after a quick buy it now & they paid now. I think since I was online the time from them buying it to it being in my mailbox was 30 minutes.

Oh, and they paid $28 for this. Shipping cost me $4.95 (Legal size priority to Salt lake City).

My total was: $22.06.

I can live with that!

Quick tip: You can stick priority packages in your mailbox without scheduling pick up!