Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello EBay, I’m BACK!


Well, after taking a longer break than I had planned I’m back on the EBay front!

I kicked it off with trip to the thrift store, buying $14 worth of items, and then today selling a pant suit set.


Can you believe I got this feminine suit set, size xs (pants size 2) The Limited brand for only $.99?

The things people throw away!

The name of the buyer sounded Asian. How perfect would this be for a smaller build?

It is in the mailbox on its way after a quick buy it now & they paid now. I think since I was online the time from them buying it to it being in my mailbox was 30 minutes.

Oh, and they paid $28 for this. Shipping cost me $4.95 (Legal size priority to Salt lake City).

My total was: $22.06.

I can live with that!

Quick tip: You can stick priority packages in your mailbox without scheduling pick up!

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