Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free preschool learning tools!


I am not sure where I got this idea from. I think it is a mix of pintrest idea and my own stingy nature to do things for free!

IMG_1833 IMG_1834

They are reading sticks! Very easy to make and a great way to get your child over the “sounding out every letter ‘til they forget what the whole word sounded like" stage! Yea, you know! That stage!


All you need to make this is a paint stick (free at the hardware store) A paint chip with wholes in it (compliments of Lowes) a magic marker and string! (Painting the stick is optional. I used acrylic for mine. One could also spray paint)

My 4 year old loves them. And my 2 year old! They are great for car trips!

IMG_1836 IMG_1837  

Oh, and while you are at the store grab some larger cards and turn them into a color book for you learning-colors child! I love free!


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