Friday, June 3, 2016

Book Review: The 9 arts of Spiritual Conversation

I'm not sure what I expected from a book of this topic but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a guide book on how to share your faith without condemning or bowling over others. Written by Mary Schaller & John Crilly, two people who take friendships seriously, as if each one is God-given investment. Their life-style reflects their faith and the lives they have for others. It all comes out in this book

It doesn't just give you a way to answer people. It works on a total new mindset that takes you to a place that Jesus took his disciples. A place that loves people first and then teaches them about Christ.

With a step by step guide this book should be a requirement on how to share your faith without scaring off people. Guiding others to find out about the Kingdom without driving them away. We study before we take a driving test or an entrance exam, why not that much more before sharing the most important thing in our lives? Our faith. How to do it? Check out this book!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review For Road Trip to Redemption

An impacting story about a family, who seems like they are doing fine discovering that fine, by the world's standards, wasn't what they wanted at all. By listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit they start finding their way to the Father's "fine" for their lives. It is a good read and an excellent way to realize everyone is working on figuring out God's plan for their life.
Sometimes as parents we can feel like we are missing something or if we miss something it may mess up our kids forever. Here is about a family who missed somethings, and had somethings they caught not get taken seriously.
From a dad's perspective it gives a lot of hope and light to how they handled their issues and how you can make it through yours!
Don't miss this read!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great Staple deals

I just ran by staples and found some pretty good deals.

Always can use Sharpies:


I needed some pencil boxes to store my extra crayola’s and markers. This had the limit of 2 which will work for now. Very sturdy.


These are the best erasers you can get. And you save $2 per pack!


This was the most expensive purchase I made, and I only did it to make my total more than $5 so I could get…


6 notebooks for 1 penny each! Score!


And the rebate check was super easy to sign up for on


My total would have been $13.19 but after rebate it was: $4.32!

I always try to pay less than half when I’m trying to get a deal.



Note: Don’t leave your cart unattended while you go in the bathroom. They will take it and put the stuff away. Even if you leave your sunglasses in it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Craig List sale!

Remember the bunk bed and dresser I got?

 That dresser started out wayyyyy ugly but it was free if my pregnant self in my new mini van could load it up!
It was the first time I was ever thankful for how light fake wood was!
But it cleaned up nicely!
 The bunk bed was a $20 purchase that I didn't really need but 3 going on 4 kids later and some awesome has served us well.
 But alas the time has come to depart. My husband is going to make beds that 1.2 hang from the ceiling/ 1/2 hang from the wall. I'm not totally sure what it will all look like but I know it will be AWESOME!
So it is my job to get rid of the bed and I've already replaced the dresser with one he was given on a job site (Solid wood, 5 ft tall...AMAZING! Who GIVES something like that away?)
So today I listed the bed and dresser for $240 baring a new coat of paint. I said I would skip the paint and take off $50 if they wanted. My phone lit up. Exploded. Calls, texts, emails...WHAZAM.
Blown away.
So I've taken the dresser apart, taken the mattresses off, and am waiting for my husband to get home to take the bed apart. The first call said I didn't need to repaint it but could I deliver? For $230 I think I can do that. I feel pretty confident with 3 people as back up plans if the first one falls through. I might be buying and painting bunk beds after this! I'm sure selling the mattresses and having a matching dresser has something to do with it. I did get one email just complimenting my quilts! ha!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Toy storage from Popcorn tins!


We like to have a room available to host people/family who need a place to stay. Right now our home is a 3 bedroom house and we have 3 (going on 4!) kids. So that means the office is also the guest bedroom and the kid’s sleeping room is also their playroom! Though many times the play room ends up being the living room!

So in order to keep the toys orderly I devised this organization system that cost me mere dollars.

I got some boy scout popcorn tins at 2 different garage sales and one thrift store:

These tins are a little shorter than the normal popcorn tin and since they all matched I didn’t have to worry about one being skinnier than the other etc…

And they are boy scouts so they are fairly easy to find. They ranged from 10 cents- $1

First I spray painted them metallic.


Then I used my mom’s Cricut to cut out the letters. I could have stenciled them on but this was handy.


She was given, as a teacher, the black vinyl so I didn’t even have to buy that!



Then I filled them with the toys. I tried to do this with the tried and true toys that have many parts. Like Lincoln logs.


It was like giving the kid’s new toys! They played and played with them. And it was such easy clean up. And easy to say, “Well, put that tin away and then you can get the other one out.”



Also it keeps the pieces from being lost.


I have noticed some of the paint chipping off. I did several coats so I’m not sure if I need to do some sort of clear coat on it to help protect it or what. I’ll see how they hold up!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book in Review: Grace’s Pictures

I just finished reading Grace’s Pictures by Cindy Thomson. It is an excellent book with facts about history, photography, immigrants and living condition of the very early 1900. Thomson takes you back to a time when there weren’t smart phones or digital images and shows a girl’s passion for the art of capturing images. Her passion, however seems bent on getting her in trouble when she continues to snap photos at in opportune moments for the local crime gang.

With the help of the local police, men she had to learn to trust considering it was the police who took her from her mother when she was young, they seek to find the leader of the gang and bring him to justice, saving many immigrants like her from faring evil fates at the docks.

As she fights the fears that her father pounded into her head as a small child she turns to the Lord for her support and lets go of her self doubt.


This book is a great read. It has depth and unanswered questions that keep you hanging until the end. Thomson writes with great knowledge about the century and the countries portrayed in the book.

Author Cindy Thomson

Link to Chapter one:

Questions and answers about the author:

Author blog:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Onions for Ears!

My oldest started complaining of pain in his ear today. He is 5 and to-date none of my kids have ever had ear infections or ear aches. But today changed things. He has been fighting a cold and a fever (thank you crazy Oklahoma weather that is 95 degrees one day and 31 degrees and snowing the next).
I have lots of friends who's kids have common ear infections and so I has sent out an email linked to a helpful hint about onion juice relieving ear pain. So I pulled up that email and put it to use!
I put my son down to rest and stuck a 1/2 onion in the oven for 15 minutes at 450. I probably didn't need it in there that long. Just enough to make it soft.

I then took the very soft onion and squeezed/squished it through a strainer until some of the (very thick) juice ran into a bowl.

It didn't make much but all I needed was a few drops.

I didn't have a dropper so I used a syringe and filled it up with a little bit of the juice.

Like I said, it wasn't much.

I then put my son on a pillow so his ear was flat and put a few drops into his ear. He said it instantly felt better.

I had also read that you could put an onion on the ear and let the juices run down, so I did that too. I don't think it did anything but since it was still warm I thought maybe a warm onion compress my help.

I left him that way for about 10 minutes and went back in to massage his ear making sure some of the drops got a little deeper. He still claims there is no pain.

Yay for onions!