Friday, November 17, 2017

Book Review: Deadly Proof

My first read of Rachel Dylan. It is quite the entertaining book. Fast paced, sometimes you can get lost in the conversing. She doesn't waste time on overly describing details and I like that.
With a modest love story that doesn't become too much, you can tell this author submersed herself in the world of law to write this creative tale of a lawyer who fights for what is right even when her own life is at stake and she realizes those she thought were friends are actually against her.
This book is easy to pick up and not want to put down. It's a refreshing read for someone who needs something deeper than just an everyday, run of the mill book. Anyone with legal knowledge would be impressed at the depth of this book and anyone curious about legal info would learn from this book. It really takes you into the cutthroat world and I could totally see a movie made out of this. Curious about book 2!!!
This book was provided for my review.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: "I'd Like You More if You were More Like Me."

This book by John Ortberg has incredible wisdom. I wasn't sure what the title would hold but as I opened the first few pages I was impressed with his open honesty (even where it made him out to be the heel of the story!) and the lessons he learned from his mistakes.From talking about marriage to Jesus' relationship with his disciples he covers virtually every relationship one could be in and points out things that make the reader cringe because we've all kinda done it!
From the depth of opening yourself for marriage to having true friendships, Ortberg dives into it all. In the day of modern communication, this book of true relationships is much needed. And it isn't just another book telling us that texting isn't real communication. It is a book that describes the best and worse of relationships. It makes you long for something that, our day in age has forgotten about. He doesn't put down the way people do relationship, which makes it nice to read but creates a longing for true relationship.
He shares what shame is and how to get over it. He talks about ruptured relationships and how to lightheartedly repair them.
I think the main thing about this book that I can see is that the title seems almost cheaper than all the information inside!

This book was given to me for my review

Book Review: The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible

I actually asked my 10-year-old to review this book! His insight was better than a mom's perspective!
He was impressed that the book had a story he didn't know. (Jeremiah being thrown into a well for years) and he spent about 15 minutes just reading the stories. He said he liked it and would recommend it.
The pictures are not the blingy, or distracting. All the characters have their eyes closed like those on the front. There is about a paragraph on each page and occasionally the characters have speech bubbles in addition to the text.
Everything is simply put. And I like that it is a Bible not just for kids but for beginners...of any age. It gives a good foundation and understanding of the stories of the Bible. It doesn't quote the Word but summarizes it. It does include texts on some pages that show where the story is found in the Bible.
This book would be great for using it in Sunday school to having it on your coffee table to reading it with your kids. Very versatile. My one thought is it doesn't catch a child's eye. If there is a book about dinosaurs next to it they will probably be drawn it that. But the foundation truths in this book are sound.
This book was given to me for my review.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Book Review: A Forest, a Flood and an Unlikely Star by J.A. Myhre

A Forest, a Flood and an Unlikely Star by J.A. Myhre

This book is an easy read. Small and simple to understand it is illustrated by what looks like native charcoal paintings=). It's pretty intriguing to read about the African culture as well as the danger the young Kusiima faces as he tries to live up to his mother's standard of integrity after she has passed on.
The story is filled with adventure and twists. It ends slightly abruptly like it could be another few chapters to wrap up the end but still leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and closer.

This book was given to me for my review.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Book Review: Good Night Tales: A Family Treasury of Read-Aloud Stories by C. S. Fritz

What a book! The pictures aren't just illustrations they are pure artwork! And the stories are C.S. Lewis-like versions of different Biblical morals. I'd say it is a win all around.
The stories are broken up into different chapters which would take from 3-10 min to read each one out loud. The pictures are a must for the stories because it adds so much!
The book even includes discussion prompts. I'm pretty sure there is no age limit on this book!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Review: God's Crime Scene for Kids

This book intrigued my kids ages 7-13yrs. Every day we'd read another chapter and they'd get closer to solving the mystery! They looked forward to it and loved finding out more of the adventure. It is a bit of a slow read, for example, rather than solve the mystery of the shoe box, they spend time trying to figure out if the shoe box was placed in the attic or if it just appeared in the attic. This seemed silly until they applied the same idea to how the universe came into being.
I think this would be an awesome read for anyone interested in theories, in schools who don't teach creation or someone who likes to come to conclusions for themselves.
It is set for reading individually but can be read out loud.

Monday, August 28, 2017

For our Whits End friends, 
Our kids have started reading Focus on the Family Imagination Station Adventures. They seem to like these more than the adventures in odyssey books. We request them at the library: 

We discovered that they have a nifty feature in the back pages where you can plug in some answers from stories in the book and get a free episode. (one for each book you figure out the code!)

We realized you can use the Http code on these episodes to email them to ourselves, then have access to them while in the car on road trips, or just at a later date.