Sunday, July 2, 2017

Book Review: "Wow! The Good News in Four Words"

This book would be ideal for reading to a group of kids! It has colorful pictures that catch the eye and poems with a powerful message. It is set up for kids to say the 4 words with (or after) you read it. The words: Wow! Uh-oh! Yes! Ahh! are in their own font and will be easy for kids to recognize.  They are eye catching and I can just picture a room full of kids waiting for their turn to holler "YES!"
I tested this on my 3 and 6 year olds and they loved it. Again, a powerful book and a great read!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh

There are some books you can't put down because they are intensely exciting. The action is so thick if you put it down you feel like you will ruin it.
Then there are some books that wrap you in a warm blanket and stick you in front of a fireplace even if you are sitting on a cold bench in the dead of winter. Those also are hard to put down and that is exactly what this book is like.
Two contrasting characters. One that has it all and has thrown it away, and one who has nothing and has excepting the life she threw away. It is powerful, it reaches out and pulls you in and lets people from all walks relate to rejection, poor choices, bad memories and holding onto the past. There is something in this book for everyone and within 5 minutes of picking it up you will realize that!

(Book provided by Tyndale Blog Network. My high option of this book is my own)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Great Chattanooga Bicycle Race Book Review

This book is a fabulous mix of facts and a heart-tugging story of a limping woman who's childhood accident turned her from a buoyant child into a timid pushover and how she struggled into adulthood to become a poster child for women's rights.
Knowing her stand may cost her just as much as some of the greats before her, she lays it all down and pushes her timidness aside to stand up for what she thinks is right - despite the cost to her reputation or the opposition that constantly opposes her.
A story of courage and bravery that a young woman never thought she had this book will inspire and tug at those who read it.

(This book was donated to me litfuse publicity group for my personal review)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Bible Sleuth: New Testament book review

Bible Sleuth: New Testament: Jose Perez Montero, Scandinavia Publishing House:

This is a great find-it book. Very much like "Where's Waldo" but it also has bits of Bible stories and facts. For example, you spend time finding Mary in the crazies of Bethlehem as well as searching for guards and Roman soldiers.
My kids really enjoyed this book and even several adults sat down with it. It seems to lose it's entertainment once everything is found but then it is ready to be passed on to another family to enjoy!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Book review: Lost & Found by Kendra Fletcher

This book packs a powerful punch for such a small book. Written about a thriving family's unsung tragedies it opens the door to the reader that God is in control despite what circumstances one finds themselves facing.
Through all the trial God begins turning the parents focus on religion and their own pious attitude that everyone needs to act like them or be wrong: to an attitude of Christ.
These stories will melt your heart, as they teach you powerful truths about living for Jesus according to His way. Not the way we make up. But truly the way of our Shephard.
It is a simple read and can be finished in an afternoon.

This book was donated for review by litfuse.

Her Secret book review

Her Secret
written by Shelley Gray
I've read many books about the Amish. Most of them involve teenage Amish during their "wild years" and Amish doing very non-Amish things. This book, Her Secret, is a nice switch from that. I wouldn't say it portrays a typical Amish family but it does a good job of helping the reader relate to the family that struggles to handle things in their own way. The parents try to protect their kids by hiding from them and running away from problems and the oldest girl deals with guilt and blame over everything that is happening.
The contrast between the main character's family and a neighboring family creates a longing that is satisfied as the book progresses and everyone learns to work through their problems.
There is a gentle love story in this book that is painted against the agitation of an infatuation that turns into stalking and a family being completely uprooted. It takes the love and help of friends (and those who turn into more than just friends) to pull main-character Hannah out of the depression and fear she has closed around herself.

Though this book deals with many things between a stalker, men and women, and even talk of marriage, the book stays very modest and would be a permissible read for even the more protected of teens. There is some violence and kidnapping but all done tactfully and without any comment to the what-could-have-been's that we hear on the news in real life.

It was a pleasant read and I was able to finish it in about a 24-hour span. Much faster than I had planned on reading, but once I started I didn't want to stop. It is a page turner, comfortably predictable with delight as it ends happily. A book you close with a happy sigh.

This book was sent to me from litfuse publicity group in exchange for my writing this unbiased opinion.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Book Review: Long Days of Small Things by Catherine McNiel

Image result for long days of small things

I was excited about this book because the author seemed so easy to relate to as she shares about herself in the first pages.. She admitted she wasn't the world's greatest mom, not in the "now-everyone-can-relate-to-me" kind of way but in the, "no-really,-I-don't-have-it-together" kinda way. She proceeds with a book full of examples on how to use motherhood as a spiritual discipline.

This is a singular idea and one that should be exposed as much as possible. Think about it. As mom's we are more disciplined then we probably ever have been! We may not get up to run at 5am but we certainly wake up to any little cry in the middle of the night? We budget our time (even if it is just to survive) and we make it through each marathon day. We keep more people than just ourselves alive every day. You don't get much more disciplined than that!

To realize that some of these disciplines can blur over into the spiritual since is wonderful to me!  Each chapter ends with a topic point and an idea to go with it.  This I didn't find helpful for me and wish she would have included more stories but maybe if I used this in a group setting it would be more ideal!

I would totally read more books by this author, Catherine McNiel. She is funny and lighthearted but deep at the same time!