Monday, February 13, 2017

Murder on the Moor

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering
A Drew Farthering Mystery
This is the 5th in the Drew Farthering Mystery series but is a stand alone book that I really enjoyed without needing to read the other books.  There is an enchantingly haunting, but not scary, feel to this book as the hero and his wife wanders the moors and ruins to find the reason behind murders that seem unlinked but must have the same source in the remote village in England.
The book presents a loving husband and wife of two years who dote on each other with their rather piquerist version of marriage, as contrasted by everyone else in the book who seems to have made a rather poor match...making everyone seem guilty and worthy of having some sort of motive, if not a poor one, in the murder on the moor.
The foggy moor and dog footprints make this book seem to have more than one mirror image to Sherlock Holmes as well as the Bronte sister's writings. This is not lost in the book as the characters comment and even quote from these books as well as other classics.
The author does a tactful job using similar cases from other novels to build up suspicion but also adding surprising twists and turns to the book.
It is a pleasant book that brings God into mysteries but doesn't preach at the reader. Characters struggle with worldly issues but nothing too vulgar and Drew always remains upright even when he may suspect some characters because of his past. He confronts the real reason for his harsh judgment, his pride, and deals with it even as he questions the motives behind a person's willingness to commit murder.
The plot thickens as more people become murder suspects and even people thought to be innocent are found to have motives. But who did it and what was the real reason to kill? Is it money or perhaps poor marriage choices?

This book was provided by Bethany House for this review. The opinions are my own.

Book Review: The story Travelers Bible

This review is about The Story Travelers Bible. A book for young kids. It could be a first Bible for a 3rd grade reader or a read to your child. My 5 year old loves it. He looks at the pictures and reads the words he knows.
The text isn't large and you can break it up into stories or pages, rather than chapters.
It is easy and fun to read and I daresay adults will learn from this book.
The stories are put in kid form but don't lose any of the accuracies, something that is hard to do and rare to find in Bibles.

We enjoyed the text, the graphics are entertaining and it is easy to find certain stories if you are looking for something specific.
I would recommend this for a text that is in addition to a Bible. It has entertaining characters that one gets to follow as they read.

This book was provided for my by Tyndale House Publishing for this review. My opinions are my own.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Book Review: befriend


A good read, this book touches on the tough subject of friendship.  

It redefines the common friendships of our day, not only true friendships but the more modern Digital Friendships (Screen Friendships), Transactional Friendships (Friendship that treats other people as means to an end), and One-Dimensional Friendship (Same interests). 

The first chapter introduces these friendship ideas & defines them but the rest of the book never really touches on these ideas.Chapters 2-21 share how to befriend specific people, a sort of source book for difficult friendships. 

And it is all there:
Befriend Prodigals and Pharisees, the Wrecked & Restless, Shamed and Ashamed, Ones You Can't Control, True Friends and Significant Others, Sexual Minorities, Dysfunctional Family Members. It seems almost set up so you can find the chapter that effects you and read in detail information that will aid you on your friendships!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Book Reviewing: The scoop.

Y'all may have noticed I've started posting book reviews. I'm finally out of the stage of babies and have a *little* more time to read!
So the library and these book reviews have been a great source for me. From the library I get the books I'm interested and from the book reviews there is a smaller section of books that I chose from that I'm interested in.
I've read book that I would have passed by on shelves that have changed my life. For instance:
I had never heard of Kevin Butcher but that is a preacher who not only loves but can write about how well he loves!
That's pretty awesome.

I wanted to open up this free blogging opportunity to others. The requirements are that you have a blog to post the review on, it has to be an active blog with readers, and you need to be able to post on Amazon or some such place so they get a public store review as well.

This is the publishing house I use and they have been very good to me.

I hope this inspires others to read more! Free books can do that! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book Review: Where does Love Hide

 Where does love Hide is a lift the flap book Written by Mary Simon and illustrated by Hannah Wood
It is a delightful story showing that love hides all over.
Each page has a lift the flap on it showing where love hides.
My 3 year old enjoyed the book! It was sturdy and has stood up well to a house of 6 kids!

 I'd recomend opening the flaps before giving it to a child for the first time or the newness of the book with make it hard to open.
This is a great kid book. In a world where love is misconstrued this title and the whole book is eye opening to the kids of our time.
A simple book, larger than most cardboard books, it is very durable. I have 6 kids and in a month of this book being out it still looks like new.
The flaps are thin but it hasn't been a problem. My one recommendation would be to open the flaps before giving it to a child. They are a little tough the first time, as makes sense due to them never having been opened before!
Book provided by Tyndale house publishing. Opinions are my own. Children's approval is their own=)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Review: Choose & Choose again by J. Kevin Butcher

Book Review: 
Choose & Choose Again 
 J. Kevin Butcher
Some books are outstanding reads because they blow your mind. Others are fabulous because they write about something the reader agrees with, this book doesn't fall in any of those categories. It stands alone with the numerous stories that hit close to everyone's hearts. Love poured out on person after person. The Jesus this man shows to people he has no ability to relate to and the result! It is easy to write in a book that 8 years after spontaneously kissing a harden criminal in a prison visiting room, that man prayed the sinner's prayer, but much harder to walk along side that man for those 8 years.
Chapter after chapter Butcher takes you on a journey. Not his journey as much as Christ Journey through him. People screaming at him in the middle of his sermons. Members of the congregation stepping in and sharing their hurt in a way that starts the healing process. Love, coming from numerous people, helping pull the lost from the very clutches of the devil.
It is an amazing book.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"What does God Really Promise?" book review!

 Another book review!
This is a different book than the kind I usually pick up.
Written by Carolyn Lassen and Illustrated by Amylee Weeks it is a book that answers 101 Questions about God's promises, the church and the future.
Each answer is shown on a single page with a Bible verse to back it up.

 A very sturdy book, the color will grab your attention.
It is broken up into various chapters, or title pages.
 I admire the attempt to answer 101 questions about three very...questiony topics!
They author did well at answering hard and easy questions with one page answers. From why churches accept contributions to if there are different levels of punishment in hell. Seriously, this book goes for broke on answering the questions.
The main thing I thought about with this book was I'm not sure where to put it. It is kind of one of those, read a page every day book, but it asks such a variety of questions I wouldn't just want it on my night stand. Maybe it would be good for a church lounge room or a waiting room etc.
It is very pretty but I'm not sure I would give it to someone because the answers are so basic the deep questions, obviously, need more than a page. Maybe it would be a good book for someone not used to our culture or the church culture, a bit of an eye opener.
So there it is. It is a book full of information, I'm just not sure for whom. If you grow up around christians than these are answers you are familiar with, but it is never a bad idea to refresh your memory!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.