Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book Review: The Road to Magnolia Glen by Pam Hillman

This book by Pam Hillman is the second in the Natchez Trace Novel. Written about a time when people sold themselves as indenture's servants so that they might buy their freedom. This novel follows 3 Irish sisters as they face their fate of what they think is an arranged marriage to a stranger but what turns out to be simple slavery as workers in a brothel. Saved by a young man they bumped heads with on the ship the whole party converges on Breeze Hill, the topic of the first book in the series.
Through joy and sorrow, you see two families try to work out their stubbornness, differences and what they thought was their plan for their life as God directs them where he wants them. With twists and turns, this book is a rival to the first in the series as you see how the first couple now uses their strengths to help those around them even as they face demons of their past.
Book was given to me from Tyndale house publishing for my review.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Book Review: First Impressions by Debra White Smith

The Jane Austen Series First Impressions A contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice.
Smith did an outstanding job retelling the story of Pride and Prejudice without being cheesy as they act out the Jane Austen play performing the roles of the story they were retelling.
With more tingling-feelings she describes modern folks in the roles of Darcy and Elizabeth and the whole cast. Reading about them going about their jobs in our world is certainly light-giving to what it would actually be like to live the story in our world.
Woven wonderfully Smith did an excellent job and I'd love to see her take on a few of the other Austen Classics!
This book was provided for my review by Bethany Publishing 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Book review: Productivity by Mark Shead

This book on Productivity is wonderful for anyone in any walk of life. Small in size, this book is power packed with tons of gold nuggets to improve productivity. From home life to brain development to increased productivity in the workplace.
Feel like you are at the top of your game? This book will tell you how to get further. Feel like you are at the bottom? This book shares how to take the first steps to self-improvement.
The author uses personal experiences and life stories to explain things such as skills vs. tools, improving your focus, 7 ways to upgrade your brain & 10 paperless office myths.

Book Review A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette

A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette\
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A historical romance novel, this book tells of the days of Cities of Refuge...something easy to skim over in the old testament. Painting a picture of how vital these cities could be and how even if innocence is proven these cities could become a sort of prison for those who found refuge in them, this book opens eyes to a culture set up by God Himself.
Moriyah is well into the marrying age and yet hides herself in her house due to the terrible scar that renders her face and her emotions raw any time it is exposed.
Discovering she we to wed the son of a seasoned warrior she determines to make the best of it due to her father's wishes. Discovering the man's son is one who can look beyond a scar gives her hope until she realizes she met the wrong son.
A poorly timed accident determines the end of her future husband's twin sons and seals her death if the man catches her. Traveling to a city of refuge is her only hope. A hope that holds almost as much danger as facing the man who wishes to slay her.

Book provided for my review.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Book Review: High Cotton by Debby Mayne

This was my first read of Debby Mayne and it was a wonderful experience. But then again any book with refreshing ice tea on the cover would have to be good right?
Mayne writes this book like a grandma bakes cookies. It flows so well you almost forget you are reading and you fill like you are actually in the town of Pinewood and practically a family member to the Bucklin Family. At first I wasn't sure Mayne, or any author could pull off the style of writing she chose. She wrote from 4 women's perspectives. Each chapter is the voice of one of the women whether it's them interacting with each other or interacting with their husbands etc. A sample follows:

IT'S AMAZING!!! You get to know the women almost like you've read their journal. Everyone is nervous about the upcoming reunion and no one is brave enough to not go. Each reveals their insecurities, as well as what they thing everyone else's insecurities might be, as they face the fact of what to wear, take, and cook for the reunion.
One lady thinks her husband has been ignoring her for years only to find out he is actually hard of hearing. Shay clings to her job even though it bores her, it has become part of her identity and something the family is proud of so she retains it. Sarah is an identical twin and finds her identity in that until her twin decides to do something drastic and ruin everything,, Puddin' is trying to find her life in between kids and doesn't know if she should feel guilty about that or not.
Each person has to face their fears and come head to head with issues they've buried. Some call for lifestyle changes and others for the desire to relax rather than live uptight.
Its a masterfully written book and one I'm honored to have on my shelf. I will be delighted to read more of Debby Mayne books!
(Book was donated to my by Litefuse for my opinion)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Review: A Most Noble Heir by Susan Anne Mason

Classified as a historical fiction this book generously uses the term historical. Though the setting and the heritage is accurate there is much left to be desired in the realm of historical fiction. Marriage is set in a much more modern time, even to the point of the wedding that takes place.
That aside the book is an easy read that takes one's attention the moment you start the book. The climax is a page turner and actually peaks twice as the story unfolds.
A simple stable hand discovers his life is about to become what he dreamt as he finally has the rare chance to purchase a small farm and marry his true love. Nothing could be better in his mind until the woman who raised him takes ill and reveals to him and his master the truth about their relations. From stable boy to nobility Nolan suddenly doesn't know what he wants or doesn't want. Money holds no appeal but he feels the burden of making those who used to be his peer's life easier with the sudden power his title brings. Add to that a malicious father who is striving to get his own way and a woman who struggles if she should be loved or not and you have the perfect storm for this story.
Intriguing and with a few unanticipated twists and turns this plot will have you riveted to your seat.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Book Review: Growing Kids with Character by Hettie Brittz

This book was given to me by Litefuse for my honest review:
And let me stress the word HONEST from that statement. This book is a gem for someone who likes to garden and desires to have every aspect of child-rearing put in the form of gardening.
Check out the chapter titles:

 Though I agree with pretty much everything in this book it's not one that held my interest. Everything is put very, very basic with lots of bullet points:
Lots of them:

 And though the text is broken up it is almost in an attempt to make it more interesting. I personally didn't find it helped.
That said this may be a stellar book for some people and I may pass it around to some friends to see what they think. It has a simple style to it and basic information. She uses her own children and refers to them as specific garden imagery helping you to sort out your child's needs accordingly. This book claims to be able to:

  • Cultivate your child's unique way of encountering, following, and worshipping God
  • Disciple and discipline based on your child's very own blueprint
  • recognize your child's strongest characteristics and apply that knowledge to everyday life.
  • Speak your child's unique dialect to foster effective communication 
  • Help your child recognize and celebrate God's individualized design for others.
This book is a sort of simple "manual" for child raising and comes in a good format for that.