Sunday, September 23, 2012

Round up! Round up!


My sister-in-law brought these jeans over from Guatemala. She got it for pennies out of back of a truck!!! Hopefully selling it will help their mission in Guatemala and their new little one who will be born down there! Yep! I’m a Guatemalan aunt!!


I snatched up this jacket for 99 cents and I made a great profit. Hopefully someone is really happy with it!



I thought this shirt might fit me…nope, tooo big.  But I sure didn’t loose any money! Nice when my 99 cent investment doesn’t go to waste!




I wasn’t sure about these slacks but they were Avenue and size 30. You can tell I wasn’t sure since I priced them at $10!!! Someone got a great deal!



I thought this one might bid up since I received some questions on it, but I was happy with $20 for this pink jacket. And someone got a linen jacket for a great deal!


This dress sold the day after I listed! I was thrilled but wondered if I should have priced it for more…but these dresses didn’t seem to sell so I’m happy with my profit!. It isn’t fitted and the other pictures showed that. I think I’m going to start my photos with an eye catching slimmer version of dresses like this, then have the honest pictures. Like putting a clothes pin on a manikin!


Skinny jeans. How I wish I found you more! These said they were 28/6 but the measured 33 so I listed them as such but showed the picture of the tag Sold for $25 buy it now.

Excited eBay seems to be picking up! Yay!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sales Round up!


Ebay is starting to, slowly, pick up for me. I know this is a terrible photo but hey, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it is worth $15.50! I got this dress for $1 and it was just cute enough for me to buy it though it was a Target brand.




I’ve had several swim suits by Lands End for sale and I think I just got them to late in the season. I thought they would fly off the shelves! This one finally sold for $20.99. The whole thing cost me .99 cents so it was a great deal for me! AND they paid for shipping since it went to Canada.



I’ve had this jacket since the spring and finally listed it in August hoping to catch some early fall shoppers. It is 100% leather and if it didn’t sell I was going to take my 99 cent investment and turn it into something leather bound! A journal? A seat of a desk chair? Who knows? Not me because it had watchers for several weeks and finally sold after 2 bids for $22.61 with $6.95 shipping. I used priority regional shipping to ship it for just under $8 in a nice box so it wouldn’t be too crowded in a bag. Hope they like it! 



This was one of those things I bought for myself and then just wanted to get my money back. I spend $5 on it at Goodwill but didn’t want the color. But describing the color on ebay was rough! One lady bought it than wanted to know if the color would match her room. I offered to go to Lowes and find a paint chip that matched but she said no (Thank goodness!) and I sent her pictures in different lights. She decided against it and I sold it this week for $12 with $8 shipping. Shipping cost me $8.74 and I made only about $6 after all was said and done. But hey, I made money on a bad choice that I couldn’t return! I’ll take it!



I got this dress half hoping it would sell and half hoping it would fit a family member! Well it sold and I made a tidy profit off my 99 cents! $18.55 and shipping was around $2. Thank you Old Navy!



I didn’t grow up knowing what brand names were. We only had a Walmart in our home town and living on a farm meant if the clothes fit and didn’t have too many holes, then it worked. Quality wasn’t the biggest worry because quality with cow manure on it was still dirty.

So I’m still learning. And I’m sure passing up on brand names all the time out of ignorance!

My sister in law isn’t that way though, and when I took her shopping she showed me these Silver Jeans and that they were a great deal. I got them for 99 cents and sold them for $12.50. Two bids. I thought I would get more out of them but they don’t sell much better than Levi’s on eBay, but that ok, I can take10x my money back!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Old game become new!

Recently I stopped by an estate sale and found this SHOOT THE MOON game priced at $20.


Everything was 1/2 off and on a whim I offered her $5 and she said yes!

It was worth every bit of that $5.


Neighbor’s friends, and college students have knocked themselves out playing it!

Amazon sells it knew for $30. Here is their description of it:

Product Description

This game from the 1940's has been exciting and frustrating players for over 60 years. Entertain your friends and family for hours with Shoot the Moon in Maple. Move the metal bars back and forth in order to roll the metal ball uphill towards you. Sound simple? This fun and challenging game will test your patience and coordination. This beautifully hand carved classic is made from the finest Maple. Nearly impossible to master, this game will have you coming back for more even after you've beat it once.


So far only one person has beat it. And she couldn’t do it again. Oh the challenges one can find at estate sales!