Thursday, September 6, 2012

Old game become new!

Recently I stopped by an estate sale and found this SHOOT THE MOON game priced at $20.


Everything was 1/2 off and on a whim I offered her $5 and she said yes!

It was worth every bit of that $5.


Neighbor’s friends, and college students have knocked themselves out playing it!

Amazon sells it knew for $30. Here is their description of it:

Product Description

This game from the 1940's has been exciting and frustrating players for over 60 years. Entertain your friends and family for hours with Shoot the Moon in Maple. Move the metal bars back and forth in order to roll the metal ball uphill towards you. Sound simple? This fun and challenging game will test your patience and coordination. This beautifully hand carved classic is made from the finest Maple. Nearly impossible to master, this game will have you coming back for more even after you've beat it once.


So far only one person has beat it. And she couldn’t do it again. Oh the challenges one can find at estate sales!

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