Thursday, August 30, 2012

My $5.90 bed


One of the best things about buying and selling is sometimes you find great deals that you get to keep!

My family went to California for the first time ever, this year and, true to form, I found a garage sale in a friend’s neighborhood, as the kids and I were browsing around I found a down comforter in a bag. The owner said it was California king size and that it was “one of those nice ones.” She said she was asking a whole $5 for it because it was nice.

I could see some spots on it but knowing these comforters run from $65-400 I decided I could certainly spend the $5. The kids sleep on one of these at their grandparents and call it “The Cloud”.


Well, it still has some spots and a few discoloration on the edges but you would never know! Our bed has never been so fluffy! We sleep on a queen size bed and this California king drapes beautifully over the sides! I can even buy a cover for it if I ever want to change the color. Of course that would cost about $35 more than the comforter cost!


The “Home” Pillow was purchased at a garage sale 3 years ago for $.75. The white lace square pillow was about $.15 that I picked up this year, and the blanket at the end was a wedding present ages ago.

So for under $6 I got a new bed that REALLY makes me never want to get up!

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