Saturday, August 25, 2012

What this blog, and I, are all about

I’m not sure it is even worth posting after being gone so long! Thank you faithful followers (or random people who just checked out this blog!)
As a reminder, or first time announcement: This is a blog about how I found my niche in selling on eBay, saving money by purchasing 2nd hand, and a love for shopping garage sales.
I am the mother of 3, married to the man who is far-beyond-my-wildest-dreams and lets me stay home with our kids. I homeschool my 3 and 4 year old (yea, they are pretty smart) and enjoy every minute of my life!
Occasionally I help my husband at the job site, he is a professional tile setter, and owns his own company, but with three young kids I pretty much can mess up more than I can help so I’ve found that home is the best place for me…well, that and thrift stores!
I really want this blog to show the amazing deals I can get, the money I make, and hopefully inspire others to join in the fun!
Last year I made about $1200 selling on eBay and Craisglist, and had to pay taxes on that for the first time (Yay! and Ukkk!) lol. This year I hope to do better than that, without missing a beat with my family. A challenge to be sure!


  1. I love your site and occassinally stop by to see the good deals you have gotten.

    Keep up the good work!

    -jennifer W