Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keys to making money at eBay.

My favorite thing about selling on eBay is the fact that the start up cost is so small. Everyone already has a computer, pretty much, and the ability to take pictures. One can start in their own closet and not have to pay anything until they sell.
Keeping shipping cost low:
If you want to make money you’ve got to figure out a way to keep your shipping cost low. I did a post HERE about just how to do that but here are some quick tips.
1. Buy large envelopes from somewhere like Sam’s Club. Borrow a card or go with a friend if you need to. 

You can get enough to last a while for around $10. When I started out I used paper bags from the grocery store and wrapped it in that. I got some annoying tape that worked for around $1 at Walmart. Or you can get a huge package for around $12 at Sams.
2. Ship priority if it is over 13 oz. This will save you lots. If it is a huge item you can ship regional priority or just priority shipping rates. This will save you more than if you ship Parcel post and get there ages faster!
If you ship books send them Media mail. Only thing you can send media mail is books but it only cost 1/2 the price.
3. See if you can put a box at your library or church, or school where people can put their one-sided-printed out scrap paper. This will cost you nothing and give you the one side you need to print your labels on. I get some from a community college lab and it last me forever! Its green, reusing, and best of all, saving you lots of money!
4. Once you’ve picked through you closet start checking out the local goodwill or even better, a locally owned thrift store. Mine is called Quality Thrift and has killer deals! They have 99 cent clothing on Mondays, 3 clothing items for 99 cent days on Tuesday, 1/2 off for seniors on Wednesday, miscellaneous items 99 cents on Thursday. Take whatever you’ve earned and start investing it slowly. You’ve got to learn what sells for you. I find Ann Taylor items all the time and sell them, a fellow eBayer just can’t seem to get them off his shelf when he post them. Sometimes Target brand will sell as soon as I post it. Other times it never sells. EBay doesn’t always make sense, but you do have to figure how it is going to work for you.
MyDearTrash is a great resource for finding what sells. If you look in their archives or click here, you can you can get the information. The more recent post are about their physical store and craigslist sales but the older post are very helpful.

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  1. Great post. My only suggestion would be to invest in labels. Yes, I know it's an added expense..but I think it's worth it. Especially when you have kids all around you and your trying to tape a piece of paper to a box. Just peel the label and BAM it's done!