Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Round up! What I sold on eBay!



Well my first week back into selling in months and my reports say I made…….



Hello eBay! I’m back!!

I bought a few bags of stuff for 99 cents each….6 to be exact! And thankfully, my 1st sell paid for all 6!

I sold these Trash Pack toys for $7!

 IMG_4235 \

I was pretty excited to see these smurfs due to the movie, alas, they only sold for 99 cents, but that paid for the whole bag of toys I purchased, some of which I’m not even trying to sell so at least it wasn’t a bust.



One thing I tried to sell but it didn’t sell is this AWESOME melissa and doug butterfly!

The circles come off AND the shapes come off! My 6 mo old likes it, my 2 yr old plays with it and my 4 yr old was showing Daddy how it’s done. Defiantly worth the 99 cents I paid for the whole bag! Wait, though, I got that back already- Score.

I was surprised that Melissa and Doug items don’t resale for much.

Any thoughts?



Sold these for 99 cents as well! That double paid for another bag.

They don’t usually sell well for me so I was happy. If I had more storage I might try to save up and sell a bunch, but I guess I’d have to get more if I wanted to do that and I just don’t see them often.



One of the bags had this Tonka bulldozer. It fits in the palm of your hand so it is small and it sold for: $2.99



I know none of those seemed like that great of sales but I got more than my money’s worth and when I buy miscellaneous stuff I’m just happy to break even with the risk!


On to bigger and better things!

This OSU cover didn’t work for my friend’s phone when she realized she wanted a hard case for it. She said she paid $20 for it and just gave it to me.

I sold it for $12. Someone got a good deal by buying this!


Several people have given me clothing to go through. I found two items of lingerie and since I’ve never sold it but figure it sells good I figured I’d stick it on there!

This Gilligain and Omalley sleepwear sold for $5 with shipping. Not much but something!

Picnik collage


This Intimissimi Pink and cream top and bottom lingerie Victoria Secret  Faired better bringing me $10.01 with shipping.



Sold for asking price of $10. I should have done a higher BIN price but I think I was pretty tired when I posted this! Now I’m wondering if I should snatch up any animal skin colored items!


This Nike pull over was worn by me last spring. It just didn’t work for me any more. I got it for .99 cents and sold it for $3. When I add getting to wear it for a season, I’m happy.


These J Crew pants were a pleasant surprise when a bidding war happened and they reached $15.50. With this horrid photo to boot! Can you tell I kept them folded over a wire hanger since summer? NOT doing that again!





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