Wednesday, October 26, 2011

$ Baskets or Free Boxes?


I see all these cute post where they use baskets and turn a closet of terror into a a true beauty. And organized system but yet one where you can still toss things in when you are in a jam. The baskets just make it look awesome!


The problem is many of those basket easily run $10 each. Now I’m not sure about many things in life, but I do know that if I looked in my closet and saw $80 worth of baskets, that would far out way the organization! So…what I needed to do was fake it!

I have a great linen closet, actually it is the only closet I have that isn’t in a room. I don’t have a coat closet but we make due. I found some boxes a while back and after covering them I tried this cute idea with the clothes pins. I thought it would be great cuz I could move the signs if I ever changed my mind or wanted them somewhere else.


Great idea, not constructed for my house. Within an hour 1 clothes pin was in half and the sign was lost. This one above held up but I knew it’s death was eminent!

So I needed a new idea. While searching for donation boxes, (Did you know that they have cardboard dumpsters? Just boxes! Fabulous) I found some boxes that were the perfect size for my closet so I figured I’d try again!



I forgot a key is to use very little glue or modge podge as I was doing here. So my paper wrinkled. Live and learn. I’ll fix it later…maybe when I don’t have 3 kids under the age of four!


I used these brackets to fasten the 3x5 cards I printed onto cardstock.



I was happy with the outcome!


For these I just folded the top part of the box inside. Seems to work just fine but I suppose you could cut it off. I was just worried about rough edges.

I still have some tweaking to do but thought I would post this and then get out of my PJ first! LOL!

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