Friday, October 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Wanna know some awkward and awesome things that happened to me this week? Never thought I would blog about how awkward I am but hey, awkward can be funny! I mean, look at the spelling in that word! It just has to be funny. Kinda like the name Eugene. Just a great bunch of letters put together!


When I was primping for family photos and grabbed my mom’s hairspray so all the work I did curling my hair would not be in vain. Only to think as I was spraying, “Smells like baby powder.” Guess what? My mom now uses spray on DEODORANT. That is very good to know if you are stealing her stuff. Yep. Baby-bottomed head, comin’ through!


When at the fair this week and trying to keep up with our group I grabbed our daughter and put her in the stroller only to hear a voice that said, “Um, that’s mine.” And realizing this, indeed, was not my stroller. Only it’s evil twin. Awesome. Sorry buddy! Just forget this happened as I traipse over to my group looking oddly at me while waiting by the correct stroller. Just testin’ out big guy’s stroller over there! Yep! It works!

These packages I just mail are definitely awkward and awesome! I was inspired by This wonderful blog! ! 






The AMAZING friends we have with the same number of kids and the same place in life as us. Thank you God for the J’s! We’ve been praying for them to come into our lives!

The fact that I have fresh eggs and milk in my fridge right now. And more on the way…ah, life is good! (Specially if your folks own a farm) I now take back all the bad things I said about chickens growing up.

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