Monday, September 26, 2011

Round up of odd things sold!


Tennis/golf skirts are still selling well, with any brand. Though I am clueless to why this one has an upside down pocket on the back. Anyone know?

Tennis skirt2

Wimbledon white and green tennis or golf skirt/ skort. Sold for $6

I picked up these at a garage sell for very cheap:


Supercloth the European cleaning secret 3 pack floor Sold for $6 with shipping!


Thomas the train compatible pieces wooden train set signs.buildings.trees/animal= $1.26

I know they didn’t sell for much but someone got an awesome deal I and I don’t have to pick them up off my floor with all my son’s train set. Yay!

I know I talked about the grab bags I’ve been getting. Well, they are paying for themselves! Now, I haven’t discovered any $100 items but at least I can support my habit! LOL!

 Bought in a grab bag for .45 cents with a whole but of other things

Sold for .99 plus shipping

Sold this rabbit for $1.75 after a bidding war of 3 bids. Shipping was $1. Not bad for getting it in a grab bag for .45 cents!


I also got this Yoshi  which I sold for .99 to someone in Sweden willing to pay $17 shipping! Maybe he is hard to find in Sweden?


  1. I think the upside down pocket on the shorts is to hold an extra tennis ball. If you ever watch tennis you'll see them pull a ball out when there is a crazy shot.