Thursday, September 1, 2011

Craigslist! I’m back!


Well, I took a long sabbatical from Craigslist but I am back! I got in the mindset that eBay was easier because I can just walk out to my mailbox. But eBay can take 7+ days to sell and then the money goes to paypal, then you can do something with it but you never REALLY see it. I REALLY like cash in hand!

I got this bed at the thrift store’s spontaneous “all furniture is 1/2 off right now” sale.


And no, that is not my garage. Want to know how lazy I am? I stole this photo from Google image search! It is the same bed but I didn’t have the slates or the hardware for the one I got for $7.50. I thought about keeping it. I could paint it black and it would totally match the kid’s room furniture! But I really don’t need any more furniture anywhere in my house. So I thought about painting it white so it would resale better. But without the slates I couldn’t really set it up for a good picture. So I decided to flip it for the few bucks I could get out of it. I listed it for $25 or $39 if I painted it black or white and I got 2 calls the first day with a return call the second day and a pick up! Score! I sold it for $20 and felt great cuz it was an awesome grandparent couple who were sooo sweet!

I never took it out of my car until they met me and they met me at my church where I was at for a meeting…didn’t even spend gas. It was a $12.50 turn over which is small for furniture, but I have a happy older couple with a bed for their kids and a happy husband, who never saw the bed outside the van, and $20 in my pocket to go thrifting with! I’d say it is a win win win!

I know. It doesn’t take much to excite me.

I did get inspired and reposted a breast pump I got much earlier this summer.


The lady at the garage sale was giving it away and thinking I could use it for my sister-in-law I picked it up but now it is just collecting dust in my closet so after having little luck selling it earlier I posted it back on and had 2 questions about it within the 1st 30 minutes. One said she wasn’t interested in it but the other is still asking questions.


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