Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cold, wet and “I don’t feel so good” days.


Well, my hubs got to go back to work today and I’m home with the kids. I really need to do some grocery shopping. I mean like we are out of butter and almost out of flour and sugar kind of need. However, I think I might fall over if I try to do that so I’m staying home and we can just live off hot chocolate. I’m pretty sure I did that as a young tike and it work so I know we will succeed. At least until my mom catches us…well, that is what happened to me before.

Anyway! I needed something to keep the older two (ages 4 and 2) entertained while I got caught up on the laundry and dishes. Well, I’m not caught up but they were entirely entertained! At least while I was making it!


We, like so many other American family’s received a train set for Christmas. I found someone selling more of the peices for $10 on Craigslist and added them. We now have a nice size train set and my son goes through phases of playing with it. Right now he is in a phase of reading books. Probably because our awesome new behind-the-door bookshelf my husband made!

I don’t know what made me thing of doing this. We haven’t ever set the train set up on the table but this time was special so this is what we did:


IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120 IMG_2117  

Now if your son is anythign like mine then you know that 5 inches of that road with the yellow lines can entertain for up to 1 hour! He loved it! And then we went outside to get plants and our “wood pile” the bulldozer is moving so it was personalize it a touch more.

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