Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Surprise high bid items!


You can sell anything on Ebay. Anything. We all know this. But with the recent 150 free items to list I put this theory to the test!

Here is what happened:


This is a “super cloth” I picked up at a garage sale for less than $1. I really don’t remember. I sold it today for a total of $11. Yay me!


I purchased a few Monopoly games for $.45 each and this is the money from one of them. A guy in Canada paid $6.50 for this little pile!


These train set pieces also came in a $.45 cent bag. I’ve made my money back about 50 times with that bag! Sold for: $5.26.

Now, I know this doesn’t mean I’m making hundred’s of dollars worth of stuff sold but each little item gets shipped out my door it means two things.

  • I just made some money
  • I just got rid of something

Both are a huge success. If I sold it than that usually means I did a good job buying it! Or at least made my money back!




  1. The little auctions add up. I'm sure there are lots of people who wouldn't touch little items like that, but hey..one of those auctions is a drink at Disney World (at least that's what I always say ;)

  2. That is amazing. I do not have talent picking up toys and other small items so I stick with clothes. If it doesn't sell then I have more clothes to refashion and improve my sewing skills.