Saturday, April 30, 2011

Made out like a bandit…or at least I hope!

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but it was garage sale season today! There were so many signs I passed it was unbelievable! I first went to my Pastor’s neighborhood where I knew there was a neighborhood garage sale, then I hit up a nearby small town that had a city wide g-sale…boy I love both of those kind because it is mostly full of people just getting rid of stuff!
I got this metal Tonka truck for $1.75! All metal and at least 40 years old. At least that is how old they said the kid who used to play with it is now!
101_0005 Ebay sells these from between 99 cents and $75. I will have to do some checking to see which kind I got. I’m like to make a good $10 on it at least, or I might let my kid play with it! I like some ideas that did with hers!
Cute huh?

I found something I NEVER find at G-sales! Cigar boxes! They are written on but I’m pretty excited. Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep them or sell them. If I can get the writing off I might just try to list them, though once again they sell between 99 cents and about $15. =)

Now these Ked’s I am excited about! These were the 2nd pair I saw and I didn’t even know they were Ked’s at first. I thought they’d be cute for my daughter, who needs to grow into a size 7 fast because all g-sale girl shoes are ONLY a size 7 and bigger. I’m not kidding! There must have been a girl baby boom that year or something!
I would love to keep these but I really need to sell some of these things I bought. So I’m going to post them and if they don’t sell I will keep them. Win win! They had $3 on them but one lady said, “Oh, those have gone down right, how much on those?” to a friend to which I said, “will you take $1?” They agreed. Score!

I also got these Puma for $1.00
See the dark smudge on the right toe. Not sure what that is. I will wash them and see. They are a size 8 but very small so right now  fit my daughter but when she is done with them I plan to at least try to sell them. That smudge worries me though!

Now these bottoms have a funny story! I saw the jeans. Size 10 American Eagle Long. Long pants sell VERY well on eBay, as does American Eagle. They didn’t have a price so I offered $1. They lady looked at me and said they were 50 cents. Yay!
Then my sis pointed out the American Eagle shorts and since they had $3 marked on them I offered $1 for them. She once again stated they were 50 cents. So excited to resale these!

I got these boy XXL Gap shorts for 50 cents and the American Eagle skirt for $1.

I also was given a breast pump. Haven’t opened it up yet to see what is in it but she said it was missing like 2 bottles and that is it. I think it is new due to the fact she had two.
My first thought is to give it to my sis-in-law who is due before me but I could only get it to her about 1 month after the baby, and I think she probably wouldn’t need it by then or would have found one. (they live overseas) and so I might Craigslist it and see what happens.

Ok, so I know I won’t be the stylish mom and might look more like a teen while out shopping with this bag:
But check out the pockets on this baby!
Front                             Back                     Inside
101_0008 101_0009 101_0010
He had $2 on it but after realizing Mudd bags DON’t resale well: thank you eBay app! I wanted it under a dollar. I offered 75 cents which he excepted but when I gave him the 2 quarter’s 2 dimes and was about to hand him 5 penny’s he said don’t worry and take it for 70 cents….hmmm, maybe I will start g-selling with pennies! Just kidding!
This bag is soo much what I’ve been needing. Right now I have such a hard time finding my keys/phone/billfold/hand sanitizer in this bag:
I think I might have to wait ‘til we have another garage sale to pawn off this purse and get my money back. But it was a nice bag while I used it. I just need more pockets! Plus the black one cost me $2.50.

After much thought and talking her down to a $1 I got this gallon size water dispenser with out a lid. The lady told me it had a glass lid and I realized it was one of those large ugly ones. Kinda like what is on a Yankee candle. No way it would fit in my fridge with that on it. I probably would have passed it by if it had that on it.
We don’t have an ice maker so this fits wonderfully in my fridge so we can have cold water. I can pull it out for get-togethers as well and put lemonade in it. Yay!
Or I could go to Pottery Barn and pay $69 for this one:
No thanks! I will take my lidless one thank you!

Ever tire of your crayons breaking? I saw this box of crayons, paper, markers, and scissors and asked how much. She said, “Do you have kids? Just take them!” Always need good crayons! 101_0034
Now I can take all the broken one’s and melt them down into cool shapes like this:
recycled crayons 004
Which will make even more coloring crayons!

I got these shoes for $1. Of course they are a size 7 because that is all that garages sales sell around here!
And my fabulous buy was these maternity clothes and seat protector. I spent $7 on all you see here:
101_0002 101_0018 101_0021
I added up all the tag prices as I was pulling them off and it would have been $21 for the lot! Yay for people wanting to get rid of things!
Right now I have 2 seat protectors in our van that I got for $7 each on Ebay. This one seems nicer and only cost about 85 cents! Just in time for the baby!
Check out the little stool I got for $.50! Perfect height for my growing boy to use to get to the toilet. 101_0022
I might paint it to match his handmade other one!
Yes, John Deere Green to match our bathroom!
Well, now I have my work cut out for me! Lots of listing to do. I will probably do a lot tomorrow since today is the last day of 50 free and I just used the last of my 50 up by relisting.
I do want to get the Ked’s up before I decide to keep them though!

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  1. Wow! Great score! So much stuff! I love the Tonka truck and those crayons. Very clever. Never would have thought of that!

  2. I just LOVE garage sales!! You scored some awesome stuff. The tonka truck is awesome- perfect decor for a little boy's room! (And a fun toy too (; )


  3. I'd keep the pump they can go for big bucks on eBay! Oh and you will get way more than ten on the Tonkya, its a pretty one and in good shape for a boy toy!! Great haul,:)

  4. Wow what awesome finds!! I love the little girl shoes!

  5. I was trying to see where you live because I think I saw the same stuff at a community sale near me! You can always find a flat plastic lid to fit your water jug if you want one, or if you use it outside you can plastic wrap the top to keep bugs out.

  6. Wow, you scored. Love the tonka truck as a planter. Very clever. You should get a nice return on your investment with that one. Sea Witch