Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother’s day Gift idea

I saw this idea on a blog and copied it for my mom for her birthday. However, I haven’t seen my mom since her February birthday so now it will probably be a mother’s day present! Lol!


It is as simple as it looks! Just chicken wire, I got that from my parents farm, a wooden fence post frame, got that from my bro-in-law, and little clothes pins, which I got from my sister. It was truly a group effort!


Last time I saw this done it was with a black frame. So you could make this elegant rather than rustic. Or, you could even use barb wire with a wooden frame if you wanted more rustic!

This was also the way we were going to tell my mom we are expecting. But when it snowed and they couldn’t come visit we just emailed everyone picture showing them! That’s us on the left side holding our ultrasound picture.


So the only cost for this was the cost of the pictures! Which are just about to need replaced considering there 2 little one’s on their way!

If you were able to get everyone together for pictures and get better shots then I did it would turn out even better! I had to use everything from Facebook to email to get these shots!

Just passing along a good idea! Enjoy!

Cherished Bliss


  1. Very cute idea. Love the creativity in your announcment.

  2. What a sweet idea! I hope you will share at my party!