Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kid’s summer pond

I know, you are envisioning a little pond with a waterfall dripping down into beautiful gold fish pond. Well, you will be very disappointed by this post. But your son won’t be, because I betcha anything you wouldn’t let him fish in that pond!

I made my son a kid-only pond! We stocked it with Bass, Trout and Perch. (Ok, so I didn’t spend the time to make it that artistic but that is what we called all the fish in it!)

Last year I spent hours making fish from a large calendar magnet and gluing the non-magnetic sides together so all the outside would be magnetic, Then I made a fishing pole out of a paint stirrer and super glued a fridge magnet to it…needless to say it took me hours and though I was rewarded with at least a few hours of my son’s time spent with it, I wasn’t ready to do all that again. This year I came up with an easy solution!

Using an egg carton made of foam I cut out fish shapes. (One can also use craft foam and get a variety of colors going,100_5435

I thought I could get some real shaped 1D fish going here but nope, my scissors were not that talented! I then attached paper clips to each foam fish.


Now all I had to do was make a fishing hole and a fishing pole.

I needed something with a large surface area and since I don’t have a kiddy pool I found a cow lick tub. Yep, call me odd for owning one of these but the uses are endless! (Use if for a table, kids pool, fishing hole, storage, wheelbarrow…) We filled it about 1/3 of the way with water.

I found a square, thin, lightweight board in our garage that worked as a stick (we have no trees in our yard since we cut down our thorn tree.) And some fishing line. I then took the magnetic alphabet and tied that to the end of the fishing line. We chose the letter “I”.


The rest was up to my son. After a while we switched out the alphabet letter for a fridge magnetic that was supper powerful and could catch three fish at once. I told him we were switching out the ‘hooks’.


My son even put on his mud boots to play the part of the fisherman. On the wrong feet but hey, in the excitement of the moment who noticed?


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