Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Garage sales

Well this Saturday I’ve been looking forward to because the hubby was going to take our son and go fishing leaving my daughter and I to our thrift store fun…until I saw the note that the thrift store is having a special sale on clothing. $1.98 each item except the two current colors.

Great sale but usually the Saturday sale is .99 cents each item…so I’m not going. I’ll go next Tuesday when everything is .99 cents again.

So I looked up garage sales on Craigslist and to my delight the neighborhood behind ours is having their annual garage sale. Usually about 25 families are involved and it is a rather big neighborhood anyway.

So at 8:15 and 46 degrees I headed out while they hubby watched the kids…such a great guy! His fishing trip had been delayed which was nice cuz I didn’t have to pull the kids in and out of the car in the cold weather.

So this is what I found…nothing to sell but stuff for the family and house.

$2 for some tennis shoes for me. I don’t need a new pair yet but like to have 2 pairs so when one goes out I will have a back up pair.


2 Bags of hardy grass seed. They were $2 each and I asked if she would sell one of them for $1. She said she would sell two of them for that. Score! We will see if it works! I hate the price of these bags new! $10 each or something like that!


I got my daughter a dress that she won’t wear for ages but it looked easy enough to slip on for a days wear and was only .50 cents.


And a pair of shoes that when i tried them on her little cubby feet looked crammed in there…they might be a no go for $1


But these made it alllllll worth it. $1 Keens that are worn but they are Keens…so it doesn’t matter. Her brother got a pair of these last year at the same neighborhood garage sale…but a different house (they weren’t pink) These are too big for my daughter right now but I will never pass up Keens as long as I have cash on me!


I had just looked at my plastic trash can yesterday and decided I didn’t want to clean the thing and would rather just buy a new one! (I know, I’m being completely lazy about this but I think I got that one for $1 at the store and I figured I could replace it for less.) I was right! I got this chicken wire basket for $. 75 at a garage sale. It was priced $1 and I had the nerve to talk her down! Shame on me! To make it worse she had a big bucket of free stuff that I filled up the chicken wire basket with. Unopened mac & cheese (some healthy organic brand) and spaghetti (unopened of course) & a box of kitty litter bags (for a friend) and some Avon lotion plus 3 little bottles of Avon skin so soft bug spray (I use SSS on my kids when we go camping but I’ve never bought SSS bug spray. I figure it would be just as safe as the spray or the hubby and I can just use it on ourselves.) You can’t beat free and she was happy to see it go. Her sale was very clean and everything was sealed up so I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Oh, and she had some unopened cling wrap! You know the stuff you just run your finger around the edge and it seals? I love the stuff but never buy it cuz the price. Guess she wasn’t as crazy about it.


Sorry I didn’t get a better picture of the basket. It is really cute!

This was the only thing I’m thinking about fixing up and reselling.


I’ve seen these boxes a lot but without a hinge like this one has on it. I like the top but might repaint it and use it as a bread box.


It even has a little vent. Anyone know what these boxes used to be used for? I got this for $1.


Last August Cathe Holden at posted what she did with a similar box that she called an old bread box. Maybe that is where I got the idea!

From her site here -she even has the decals so you can print them off!

Last week I found this grungy bread box at the thrift store, an oldie and a goodie. With the lettering I designed, I knew it would be the perfect container to hold the KitchenAid mixer accessories.

Together with my vintage metal bread box that has seen so many different colors of paint over the years, I spray painted them both white and added decals. I also added coordinating decals to my Splenda and Coffeemate tins purchased at Michael’s Crafts.

I like that idea too, using it for the kitchen aid stuff, however, I don’t have as much room in my kitchen as she does! I could paint it and try to keep in on a shelf of my island we redid (I’ll post about that later).


It has two shelves on the left (the shelf isn’t pictures. But I’d have to see if it would even fit…hmmm.

Should I repaint it and use it. Or try to resell it like it is? Or paint it and resell it? Oh the options! If I repaint it I will probably keep it for something….

I also got a few prep dishes & a monkey chain for my son for $1.



It wasn’t a crazy good day but a good day non-the-less!

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  1. Seriously..are we was 40s and rain here today..ugg. Great finds. I LOVE it when I find Keens. I have to pairs stashed for one of my girls. Now, I need to find some to resell (you should sell those, bet you'll get at least $20).

  2. Wow, I love the bread box. I sort of like it in the rusty state, but I sort of like that look. I bought one a few months ago and use it for storage in my office/craft area.

  3. Our family loves Keens! You did well my friend! And theres just something about the pink ones on the girls. They look tough & smart but beautiful as well.