Monday, April 25, 2011

I am an awful person!

Saks Fifth Ave Cashmere shirt

I sold this shirt and went to pull it out only to find I didn’t have it any more! I thought maybe I donated it to a local charity and I felt so terrible for not realizing it before someone bid on it! I refunded their money right away with a beat-my-self-up-letter of remorse.

And then I found it. Yes indeed. I think someone up above is shaking their head at me! If I would have waited 2 more minutes before refunding and emailing everything would be fine…but no! I had to be rash.

So the lady got a whale of a great deal and I emailed her that I was so embarrassed that I would ship it to her for free. Makes me take a loss but since it was all my fault anyway I decided to stop embarrassing myself! Now I’m rid of the shirt I now despise and she will hopefully be very happy with it! She only paid $5.24 with shipping and everything so it wasn’t a big lose. But a lose non-the-less!

And life continues!


  1. I've done that! LOL! Sometimes the loss is better than the flack we get for it! At least that's how I had felt.

  2. You do it for the Karma points. Do what is right and goodness will flow back to you.
    I've dropped and broken things as I get them ready to ship. That's worse because I can't replace them and get the buyer anything.