Thursday, April 28, 2011



This week we are in Dallas area on a business trip…no, not for me…I already checked for some Goodwill outlet around us. Nada. Probably better, now the kids and I can do 100% relaxing while the hubby does his work.

Our hotel was provided by the company and is very nice. Not quite warm enough this morning to use the outside pool, which I haven’t found yet, but nice enough to offer free breakfast. My son (above) said, “They made all this food for us?” Lol! Yes, yes son, they did!

We are about to head out to explore this town, Grand Prairie, Texas. I looked on line and their downtown area looks neat, but maybe not for ages 3 and under.=)

One thing I will say is it isn’t raining…so we are going to try to get out while we can! This is a good illustration of what it was doing back home.


Can never have too good of a pair of rubber boots! And yes, that “boulder” is on top of my son’s front loader. Not sure what game he was playing but I think the rocks were winning!

That’s our golf course out behind the fence…well, not ‘ours’ exactly but after hours we can enjoy it as much as we want! It is like having a huge manicured yard that you don’t have to pay for!