Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great idea for clothes that don’t sell!

So we had another garage sale this weekend. Last week we had one then they scheduled the neighborhood garage sale for this week! Go figure. That’s ok, we made about $100 each time. Not too bad for getting rid of junk!

Last night I went through and did “Inventory” on all my Ebay items. Anything that I had posted at 99 cents plus shipping I pulled and put in the garage sale pile to sell for $1 each. I made about $15 on items sold, but more important I got my money back for each of those items.

And I got an ingenious idea.


Yes. It is rare that this happens to me, but last night was one of those few times in my life.

I was tossing all the 99 cent items into a pile and thinking, “There has to be a way to make money on these awesome name brand things!” Most don’t sell on eBay for no reason at all. Now I know that sounds like I’m defending my stuff, but I’m not. I mean. I get some ugly things to sell.  Like these:

Women's Tommy Hilfiguer size 16 Pink Flowered capris

Ok, maybe you think they are adorable, I think they were a wild card. Even though they are Tommy Hilfiger. Or these:

FRESH PRODUCE Spring/Summer Patterned Crop Pants size 6

Ok, so maybe I just don’t like patterns! (Both of those sold at a profit, by the way)

People have gone crazy over these:

Women's Jones New York Signature size 14 Capris

They sold for $10! And these:

New York & Co size 12 Pink Capris/ Cropped Pants

Sold for $10.99. Ok, so non-prints but bright colors must do really well! Then I posted these:

Old Navy Swim shorts. Blue with print size 18

Old Navy Swim shorts, size 16. Don’t know what was so magical about these, maybe the size? They sold for over $10 as well.

I usually post things for $7-8 to start. Some things get priced all the way down to .99 cents and then bid up to $5 or 6! Makes no sense but I’m not complaining!

Ok, back to my great idea.

I buy things that are name brand, right?

And I only buy for .99 cents (or $1 at garage sales)

Now, other than the internet where can you resell used name brand clothing?


Consignment stores! Yes!


But I still sold them for $1 at my garage sale. And then took what didn’t sell to a consignment store name Daja Vu…you just know that is going to be a great store with that creative of a name. I’ve never shopped there because it is more upscale then what I used to buy. I mean, I can’t consign my clothing I wear anywhere her because it is not name brand and most of it has been purchased at consignment stores and is too worn by the time I’m done with it! (But this was all before the wonderful world of Thrift Stores and 99 cent days was opened up to me!)


What didn’t sell I took in this afternoon. I guess I walked in right before closing because one sign said the were closed and the other said they were open. =) They went ahead and looked at my bag of close taking half and saying they would take the other half if I cleaned it up a little ( the garage sale table MAY have been made out of cement board…we do what we can) I think only two items were winter and they couldn’t take them.

SWEET! I didn’t look at their prices on the clothing there but I get 40 % of what they sell it for, and I betcha that is going to be more than .99 cents each!

Yes, I am doing the happy dance. I will letcha know how this turns out!!!

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  1. I consigned once..was a pair of Born shoes. I got $8 from them. Great idea..never would have thought to take stuff that doesn't sell.

    I had a great sale this weekend also. Post to come...