Friday, April 8, 2011

Making your own Clorox Disinfecting wipes


For all the recycling I do on this site, I really am not that much into recycling. Let me put it this way. I checked into getting one of those green recycling bins to try to recycle and as soon as I found out it cost extra to have them pick it up I chickened out. Yep, that is about how dedicated I am. Now I do recycle about 80% of the paper that comes though our house, but only because our church does fundraisers through paper recycling and it is a bin we pass every Sunday.

I can’t say I’m hardcore.

But I love saving money! I mean…we are talking true love here!

So when I saw a way to make Clorox wipes without paying for them I was on board! But the recipe called for a bunch of stuff I don’t have on hand. No Bueno. That means spending money. Which is why I don’t buy Clorox Wipes in the first place. Or any other brand since even the off brand is pricey! Here is the recipe:

Homemade Disinfecting Wipes
  • Squares of cloth
  • water
  • castile soap
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • white vinegar
  • some kind of container

well, I have water and I have White Vinegar…yep, that is it. Unless I can get some tea and mix it with a tree the others just aren’t going to happen. So this is what I did!

First I cut up a college shirt that was WAY too big.


I cut them in different sized but next time I think I might try to stick with the same size. Just about what the wipes are but even a bit smaller since it is cotton and is sturdier.

Then I got an old wipes container, a plastic Glad or Tupperware with a lid would work fine too.


Then I pulled what cleaners I had and included Vinegar, since that is what it called for!


I stared with 1 1/4 cup of water and added Pine Cleaner (to cover up the smell of the Vinegar) and Vinegar. Just dumped them in and added more as was needed. Start small, you can always add too it.

Then I poured it over the cloths. You can fold them like your baby wipes or just throw them in there. I folded them so that when I pull one out the next comes up.


After pouring the mixture on it I thought I had too much but I think for the cloth I had 2ish cups was perfect.


I pulled one out and the other popped right up! I set to work cleaning up the counter and it worked fabulously! You can even rewash them. I threw mine away because I forgot but I will try to rewash the next one. For my t-shirts sake!

I love them because you can do so much more with them then with the disposable wipes. They last longer. I can clean all my countertops instead of just one!

I now make it with Vinegar and water only, cuz my daughter likes to suck on them. Ukk! But they still clean just as well. And she LOVES to help me!

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  1. LMBO at your daughter suckiing on them. We recycle and fork over the money. Not sure how it is in your area..but we pay $18 every 3 months. We have a 96 gal. container that we can throw paper, magazines, plastic, glass and cardboard. No seperating. LOVE we use a few less the money all comes out in the wash.