Monday, April 25, 2011

Round up!

You never know with ebay! I thought this Old Navy skirt would fly out of my ebay…but it more or less crawled out for $4! LOL!

Old Navy size 4 Black and off white skirt.

Old Navy size 4 Black and off white skirt.- $4


I heard that cashmere sells really well. Well, not a hot item for me! I finally got rid of it for $2.24!

Saks Fifth Ave Cashmere shirt

Saks Fifth Ave Cashmere shirt= $2.24


I’ve found I have to keep my eyes open for ideas to sell that I never would have thought of! Coupons are one of those! I used to throw these away if I didn’t have anyone to give them too, now I make a great deal with someone one eBay. Everyone wins! $3.52= not bad for something I would have thrown away!

$10 worth of  Similac Coupons

$10 worth of Similac Coupons=$3.52

These shorts always sell, even though they are walmart brand. Keep your eyes open!

Woman's No Boundaries Size 11 Girl's Patchwork Shorts

Woman's No Boundaries Size 11 Girl's Patchwork Shorts= $4.99


And the only clothing that sold at 1st listing price this week:

Woman's aeropostale size 00 cargo shorts Brown

Woman's Aeropostale size 00 cargo shorts Brown=$7

I sold about $20 worth of clothing this week, a very small week for me, but I made up for it with 2 books I sold on Amazon. One for $19 and one for $48. Made out just fine all in all! I’m loving the 50 free listing on eBay! I know they are changing all their fees but it is really nice to list a bunch and realize it didn’t cost me anything!

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  1. I know what you mean about ebay! I have had a couple of items that I expected to soar and they just barely squeeked out. Then I've had a couple of items that I just hoped to make about $5 off and then made a lot more. It keeps things interesting,doesn't it??