Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Round up!


I know I talked about the grab bags I’ve been getting. Well, they are paying for themselves! Now, I haven’t discovered any $100 items but at least I can support my habit! LOL!


I sold these Roll around balls, 6 of them for .99 cents plus shipping.


Canon photo paper 50 sheets Glossy 4x6= .99


 Bought in a grab bag for .45 cents with a whole but of other things

Sold for .99 plus shipping

Sold this rabbit for $1.75 after a bidding war of 3 bids. Shipping was $1. Not bad for getting it in a grab bag for .45 cents!


I also got this Yoshi  which I sold for .99 to someone in Sweden willing to pay $17 shipping! Maybe he is hard to find in Sweden?


These curlers I got for 45 cents and they not only got the opening bid of $6.99 but sold for $8.01 with $7 shipping! They don’t have the metal pins that hold the hair on the curlers But they worked great and I made a tidy sum on these! Oh, by the way my son found these in the store. He is three. Yep, that makes up for more than the toys I’ve purchased for him on “special” day trips to the thrift store!


My husband got this free vikings hat when he ran the warrior dash a few weeks ago. I realized most people pay $10 on the Warrior dash website for these silly things and with the most dressed up holiday around the corner I figured it wouldn’t hurt to sell this. And sell it did. Someone paid $7 for this thing. And now I don’t have it in my house. Win win!


Someone paid $11 for these John Deere boots. I got them for free so it was a great deal on both sides!

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