Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Round up

Well, after all my whining eBay seems to have picked up this week. Christmas rush maybe. I sold an odd assortment of things, but by far not the oddest.


My mom found this Bat mobile new in a rental they have:

this one

Batmobile: sold for $6.55 with $8 shipping.

It was crazy. They buyer selected free pickup, which I didn’t know I had on there, and couldn’t change the payment so it took sending another invoice and clearing up the whole mess to get my $8 in shipping. So glad I did though! Shipping cost me $7.98!


I was thrilled to find a chico travelers at my thrift store. Heard these sell really well. But I did some research and found this one hasn’t sold well in the past. So I was happy to hand it off for what profit I made. I mean come on! Who wants to snap all those buttons!?

Chico's Travelers shirt black

Chico's size 1 (med) travelers shirt with button front and mock turtleneck black: $5.58



My hubby ran in the Warrior dash and got this free hat. I was shocked that someone would pay $7 for it! I didn’t make that much on it after fees and shipping but someone still got a deal seeing that you can get them on Warrior Dash website for $10 plus shipping. Figured October is a good time to sell these kind of things anyway!


Vikings hat: $4.12


I found this swim suit and almost kept it for summer but when eBay ran a special I stuck it in there. It sold for $12! Wonderful for heading into winter and an unknown brand!

retro swim suit

I.F. Vintage style swim suit: $12


Nor sure when mini corduroy skirts are in season but at least one person out there is wearing them now!


American Eagle corduroy short skirt! Dark brown size 6: $4.34


Dress barn I’m still not sure about! They don’t sell great on eBay but they have some super cute stuff and sometimes I can’t pass them up. They seem to sell every time though at a profit. But when I look through listings it shows everything that sells, or doesn’t sell, listed at $.99. I’ve done WAY better than that!


Dress barn skirt size 12: Made $6.07


Oh! As you can see I figured out a way to post more than 1 picture for free. I know there is a way to use HTML and post it in the text for free as well. I just haven’t cared enough to figure that out yet! This seems to work well. I just use Picnik to make my collage! Works great!

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