Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday finds


My amazing hubby was going to help a friend this morning and he offered to take the kids so I could go garage sale shopping. I mean what husband does that? Mine!

So off I went in my minivan but without the kids to hit all the sales I could. I found some great deals, which was awesome but by 10:30 I was beat. This last week of pregnancy must be getting to me cuz I skipped the thrift store and came home to take a nap…I know, how bad is that?

Check out what I got:

A few summer items for the soon-to-be-born baby! 50 cents each:


Shoes for my little girl. They are “jumping bean” brand, which I know nothing about but $1 and in good condition. My daughter loves them!


Some trains for my son, well, he gave the one called “Lady” to his sister and kept “Spencer.”

These trains are mostly metal and run about $12 each from the store. They don’t resale very well but for $.25 each I can’t go wrong for the joy they bring the kids!



Some string for miscellaneous things…never can have too much! And a small jar for pretty much the same reason!



I scored on this Pampered Chef baking stone. It is rarely used and only $1! I later saw a baking rectangle for sale for $2 but I had to pass it up cuz I can only have so many…already regret it though!



And at $2 this wagon was my deal of the day! I asked the lady how much she wanted for it and she said, “How much do you want to pay for it?”

Now, don’t ask a garage sale shopping person that! I want you to give it to me just to be ride of it!

However, I didn’t say that! I said the next most insulting thing: “How about $1?”

She said 2 and she got herself a deal! I was excited but wouldn’t have paid more because I don’t need it but it will match my house decoration so I will find somewhere for it …or resale it. The asking price is from $30 to $60 but I don’t know what they sell for yet.


So mostly it was a very selfish day, not much in the way of business but I had a lot of care-free fun and I believe I spent around $8 total. A splurge every once in a while is ok! LOL!

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