Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sales gone bad

I got an unexpected package in the mail this week. Usually that is a very exciting thing. This time I wasn’t so sure. (I was nice and edited the address out of it.)


All over this package was stamped that was attempted to be delivered but they couldn’t deliver it  (bad address) so it was returned. I checked the date on the stamp and it said it was from February. That was ages ago!

I started researching it to see if they had complained. My Ebay score is still 100% Could it be they just forgot they ordered it?

Paypal had the answer! I had refunded the money after they said they never got the package. I had 2 of these happen in February and it was right after big snow storms so I just figured some things got lost in the mail. I was glad to get this one back. It was a pair of Ann Taylor Capri's:



Which are cute enough to resell. Maybe I can get my money back…again. Does make me wonder about the other packages that I have refunded money for, at least 2. One lady I sent some coupons to and she said she hadn’t got it and I said if it didn’t come by the end of the week I would refund her the money. Well that day her son found it in the snow while he was waiting for the bus. She said the mailman must have dropped it. Funny story. I might have had to pay out of my own pocket because of a mailman’s mistake.

Thankfully these experiences are few and far between!

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