Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deal of the weekend!

We went out of town this last weekend so I didn’t get to catch any of the garage sales or spend any money…almost…lol!

The day we left, Friday, I got an email from a Craigslist ad I had responded to about a Chicco Travel set (car seat, Base, and stroller) I’ve been checking on these on Craigslist and they run $300 new and $150-200 used. Amazing how much one will pay for one of these.


I liked the features of the base and the stroller, but not enough to pay more than half the value of it for! I thought maybe I could get a good deal at a garage sale this summer. But then one day I checked and there it was…no picture, just a listing on Craigslist for the travel set for $95. “Needs cleaning” is what she said. Never a good sign that it was well taken care off but I responded anyway. And responded, and responded. I can be very persistent when no one writes back to me. After a long week of no responses (and me sending an email daily) I had given up until she emailed me and said she was in town and do I want to come by. I said I could on Sunday so apparently she set up 3 ladies interested in the stroller but we all thought we alone were coming to look at it. As soon as I realized someone else was there interested I decided I couldn’t talk her down (there goes hoping for the most amazing deal ever!). And started looking the stroller over and trying the handles and buttons. It was stained but I like these car seats because I’ve never seen one that looks bad…so they must come clean. Well, this one looked pretty bad but I hoped it would come clean with a good washing. The other 2 ladies just stood there and watched. One asked why the lady was selling it and then there silence while I looked the stroller over. I stood back to let them look, and when no one moved I said a quick prayer and told the owner. “I’ll give $95 for it.”

She turned to the next lady and asked if she’d give more for it. Both other ladies said no and walked away. I’ve never seen Craigslist handled like that before! It was like she was hoping for her price to go up while we bid it out in front of a restaurant! So odd.

Well, I brought it home and cleaned it up. Should have taken some before pictures. But here it is all cleaned up!


I’m going to have to sew one small tear on the top of the stroller umbrella (You can’t see it unless you are really looking for it), but for for $235 off I think I can handle that!

The Car seat base runs $65 alone. While the car seat & the base is: $180. The whole set runs from $300-330. I see these resold for $150-200 on Craigslist all the time so I know I can get my money back out of it if I change my mind.

I’m pretty excited about this.

And I haven’t even seen how much my old Graco set will get me. It was just a little too old to use for my 3rd kid. It had been through 2 kids before mine and is rather used. Though it still works great. You know silly mom’s like me, I wanted something newer for this baby. But I was very willing to keep the old one if I couldn’t find something in my range.

Remember my bed?


I got $65 profit out of this bed and wanted that to go toward the stroller set. Then I sold this printer $60: (with a dog to boot! Read HERE)


Sooo…I was way under budget for the stroller set and didn’t pay more than I had wanted to for the whole ($100) anyway! (how my “how-much-I-want-to-pay & my budget were 2 different figures I’m not sure!)

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  1. It's the 3rd kid..I'm telling you. I have 3 girls and it was amazing how much stuff we replaced with the 3rd. We take very good care of our stuff..but things

    Great deal. I never really heard of Chicco sets still after we were done..I like them though.

    What is up with people and nasty carseats????

  2. Yes! I guess when you are just pulling the kid in and out of the car seat you just don't think about cleaning it!