Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reselling and making money doing it!

So the topic is reselling, but reselling what?

Here I shared how I purchased a metal box for $4 and sold it for $60. I also shared a bed I bought with miscellaneous rails that cost $15 for it all and I sold the rails for $15 and the bed for $70 after using it for an extra mattress we had for about 5 months!

But what has been my true money maker is clothes.


Any size any type (pants, shirts, dresses) Just clothes that are in good condition and are name brand.

I’ve discovered that overalls sell like hotcakes. Specially to overseas (Australia is a big buyer of short-alls right now!) People will pay an extra $17 for shipping if they get name brand overalls overseas!

This is how I do it:

I purchase items at our local thrift store on .99 cent day. They recently started .99 cent clothes day 2x a week. I was thrilled!


I then come home, cute the tags off them and post them on Ebay starting them around $7.99. with either $4.95 or $6.95 shipping. This is where you protect yourself from loosing money -the shipping.


I discovered that it is just fine to cover your paypal, ebay, and clothing cost in the shipping & handling charge. Though this doesn’t always cover all of it it helps if I am asked to refund the cost of the item, or I sell something for .99 then I still can make something for my time and money. Also, Ebay does not charge you for the shipping price, you only pay fees on the cost of the item.

Ebay does specials every once in a while and that was when I started selling. I was making money on every item I sold and not having to pay fees on the items that didn’t sell. It was a great time to learn, though I tried to follow the guidelines suggested by www.mydeartrash.com and purchase the brands they knew sell on Ebay. It is different for me. Chico doesn’t sell nearly as well for me, though Abercrombie and Fitch and Banana Republic are fabulous buyers for me as well as for them. Old Navy consistently sales and I consistently run across their brand more than any other brand it seems.

So that’s that! How I added a little cash to my life.

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