Thursday, March 24, 2011


Remember my post here where I talked about a garage sale that I stopped by as they were closing and scored all kinds of toys and things? Well, that was last year but all winter I’ve been saving this little sand and water table to resell.

water table

I wanted my kids to get a chance to play with it since I would never go buy something like this, but ultimately I did want to see how much I could get out of it.

Well, my kids got their chance with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having but I could tell lately that the pile of sand was getting more interesting then the cool table. Time to stick it on Craigslist.

This was a little tricky due to the fact that this table was very hard to find. Even though it is Little Tykes it is an older model. I found most tables sell between $55-100 and I’ve heard that little tykes hold their value even if they were faded, which this one isn’t. So I priced it at $35.

The 1st email was asking if I could go down to $20. I said I had just posted but would go down to $30, the next person who emailed said call her and she would buy it. She even had someone right then who could come to pick it up. Score! The table was sold and picked up with in about 2 hours of posting it. And no, I’m not going to beat myself up over whether or not I should have posted it higher! I got a great deal and my kids played with it for free and I still made $35 off it! Yes!

Last week I posted this laser printer I got at a garage sell with full ink in it for $7. I used it and replaced the ink then my husband got a new printer and I inherited his old one and poof…this became a chance to make money!


Little did I know just how important this printer would become to me!

I first put it on Ebay, silly me, then when it didn’t sell put it on Craigslist for $65, just a little more than what I tried to sell it for on Ebay, but with no shipping cost. But before I could sell it, this showed up on my doorstep.


Cute, sweet, and not mine. She was a pug that was not fixed, and though I don’t like dogs, I’m not too fond of pugs anymore, not when they need washed and teeth brushed and hate to be left along, and when you do leave them they poop on your floor. Twice! Yes, she loved me but the feeling was not mutual. When I get a dog I want a puppy so I can blame all of her behavior on my faulty training. Besides, I knew my hubby would never let me keep her this close to having a 3rd baby!

So what does a dog have to do with a printer? Well, after looking for owners and having my husband threaten with the pound, and then having thought I found the owners, who claimed she wasn’t their’s and overall a terrible experience, I decided it was time to find her a new, and possibly better home then she had before.

So after offering her to our waitress at the restaurant we were at that night, I looked at my phone to see someone wanted to buy the printer. Jokingly I said it could come with a dog if she wanted it to and behold and low! She loves pugs!! Yep. I sold that printer for $60 and threw in a pug. She was willing to pay me the whole $65 but I was so grateful to have her take the dog I said no! (I know, I’m a terrible business woman!

All in all it was a happy story, except this part. The lady who took the pug has 3 boys and a hubby and the dog loves them all…but her. Not sure what happened cuz she liked me but shied away from boys while she was here. Well, at least the printer will like her!!!

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  1. Okay..that's a cute story. Almost like me meeting a family member. We have had an older tv go out. Around here, you have to pay to dispose. Was hoping to unload it, but no reponse. Our washer went out this weekend. People eat that stuff up around I posted the broken washer, but they had to take the tv too. Great way to get rid of my junk free.

    About your table..I got one free a few years ago. Twice the size of the one you have pictured. I plan on selling that in a few weeks, along with huge outdoor playhouse and sand box..all FREE.

    Great going on the turn around. Little Tikes and Step 2 stuff sells well for me.