Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Envelopes from Recycled Junk Mail

Ever written a cute letter and after slipping it in a plain, bland envelope you felt like it just didn’t do the letter justice? I have. So I decided to do something about it using an idea from Thrifty Apron Girl’s blog.

I pulled out all of my magazines that I had been saving for some fabulous idea I knew I was bound to have!

Grabbed scissors, glue and envelopes that I pulled out of the trash. I had one from a group asking for donations, one from a random junk mail folder, and one from a credit card offer. Just as long as it hasn’t been sealed you can use anything!

First you will need the above supplies: scissors, small knife, glue, junk mail envelope, magazine pages.

For this envelope I chose a target ad that was brightly colored and will do well.

Knife cutting envelopeThen carefully cut along the glued edges, opening up the envelope ’til it lays flat.

Place it on your magazine page making sure the whole envelope fits. Sometimes you will have to glue it lengthwise.

Spread glue all over opened envelope, make sure to get edges.

Make sure you smooth it out so that there are no bubbles. Then cut the area with scissors.

Ta da! Now all you have to do is glue it back together and you have one eye catching piece of mail!

Glue down edges and fold together.

And you are ready to go! I paired this envelope with some tea dyed paper I made!

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