Friday, March 18, 2011

Thrift Store and Garage Sales. Spring is here!!

So today I was reminded about what I love so much about summer! Other people reselling!
My kids and I picked up my older sister today and headed to the Thrift store arriving just as they open on Friday’s at 9am. The flyers all say they open at 10 but it took me a little while to figure out that every day but Wednesday they open at 9. Even though the door says 10. I guess that gives the regulars an advantage! Anyway, today was the 1st day of their big “Everything 1/2 off Sale) which they do about every month to keep their donations able to fit in the store. It is a big sell and a great time because you are not looking at colors of tags or dates that they put stuff out. You know everything is 1/2 off.
The day before everything (except certain tags) that was miscellaneous (scarves, socks, toys vases, candles, tablecloths, dishes etc.) was 99 cents so my sister and I hit the store up and avoided anything that would be cheaper the next day. Here is what we ended up with:
I’ve had my eyes on these jars for about a week now! This sale came just in time because slowly they were disappearing one by one. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the $4.95 price tag for them! My sister and I bough all 7 that were left. She took 3 and I took 4. They don’t seal so I will have to figure out what to put in them. I’m thinking cookie cutters in one and maybe the bags of chocolate chips in the other. The vase in the picture my sister got the day before for $.99. (I’m borrowing it.)
These jars were on sale for 99 cents each. I debated for a long time. I love these jars and want to put them in my pantry but without being able to find a big lot of them I’m not sure what sizes per brands will go together. They run about $2 at thrift stores so this wasn’t as much of a risk, but I still thought twice about it!
I got me a city purse. Now there is soemthing you should know about me. I didn’t grow up city, and I don’t do purses. I’ve actually been carrying around a very nice BAG for the last year, it is actually a bag because it is a rather sleek black diaper bag, about the size of this purse. However I was looking for something new, small enough but with pockets. This one fit the bill and the sale price was $2.50. It is leather (imitation, I’m sure) But I figured I can use it and if I don’t like it I might be able to get at least $2 out of it.
This metal tin was so cute! It was 1/2 off 45 cents. So I couldn’t pass it up. I sort of want to put my chocolate chips in here, but I’m thinking of saving it for my hot chocolate, since that is what it says…lol!
I did get one thing to resell! These size 6-7 name brand Crocs. I have no idea how well they will resale on Ebay but figured I could get the $2.49 I put into them back! If not I think my Mother-In-Law might be able to fit them.
And of course I had to get something for the kids at this fabulous sale. My son played with this for about 45 minutes the day before, of course, now it means nothing to him but I love the learning device it is and really got it for my next son, who is in the cooker right now. I thought it would be good for him to grow up with this. And it works with no battery replacement! It was very clean and I paid a whoopin’ $2.50 for it. I know, it was a lot for a toy, but I sorta really wanted it! I felt better when I realized they run from $4.99- $29 used online! Score!100_7349
Then onto the garage sale part of the day!!
Would you believe that I scored this complete, unused art kit for 10 cents!!!??? It was 50 cents but I have paints and it is a touch old for my son, so I offered 25 cents and she said yes then I gave her 10 cents and was digging for the rest out of my change jar (it was obvious I had the money) and she said, “Ok, 10 cents will be fine.” My jaw dropped!
At that same garage sale my son spotted this Leap Pad. I had just read an article on a blog about someone who sells these. It only came with the one book and no cartridges, so I didn’t want to pay the normal $5 they run at garage sales, but after my son pointed it out to me 2 times (very politely I might add) I finally asked. And I’m glad I did! She shrugged and said “50 cents?” When my jaw dropped she added, “Well, what am I' going to do with it?”
I would have been thrilled at $1 and might have bought it for $2! Now I need some cartridges and books. I might switch my son to this instead of the leap pad book I was letting him play with, this is easier and more his age. But eventually it will be sold….
I got this green basket for the tag price of .75 at anther garage sale. Love square baskets but they usually aren’t in this great of shape!
YAY! Garage sale shopping is back! now I need to have my garage sale so I can go get more stuff! Ha ha!


  1. Great finds. Would you happen to know where you read the post about the leap pad? We have a huge collection that I will be unloading one of these days. I also come across these alot at my # 1 thrifting store. I sold a small lot of books and cartridges once and did okay..but not enough to get me super excited when I see

  2. You are going to Laugh Kim!! It was your post here:
    That got me thinking about selling leap pads after I'm done with them! I had to laugh when I realized you are the one asking about it!!! haha!

  3. LOL..That is funny. Speaking of Leapsters..sold 2 games yesterday and made a quick and easy $15. You know there is a difference between Leapster and Leappad? I think the large lot of Leappad books and cartridges go well. I come across those all the time. Maybe I need to start collecting again and test the waters.

  4. Wow! You did great! I wish I did that great yesterday. Not much luck though. I love that bag and the picture you took of it too!

  5. Thanks Cath! I'm still getting used to it. It is for me!
    Kim: Yes, I realized after I reread your post that I had thought the wrong thing. It does seem like bulk items sell well, the problem is I use most of them right now. But it is good to know what to do with them when the kids are done so I don't have to sell them for 50 cents at my garage sale!