Friday, March 4, 2011

Other places to find stuff…for free!

It is amazing what you can find in this world for free! I stopped by a garage sell to grab a set of alphabet blocks I had eyed the day before but came home to price them.


I planned on offering $2 for the set but as I walked up and there were taking down their garage sell stuff I offered them $1 for the set, which they excepted.

Then I offered to haul off anything else I wanted since they were talking about what to do with it all. I got a sand & water table (retails around $60).


Also lots of small trucks, a set of cleats, soccer socks and shin-guards perfect for my son the next summer!


I sold the mini billiard ball online for small but nice profit and the bouncy cow for a few dollars profit.

As unpleasant as it sounds, stuff people have already thrown away can be really nice items as well!


I found this foldable and in perfect conditioned, new cage in a dumpster. I’m not sure what they thought was wrong with it but throwing it away must have fixed it because it works perfectly now! Not selling this! It is in our attic awaiting the dog we will someday get!

So keep your eyes open and try to avoid the real junk! I’ve brought home many a free cleaning tool and dumped it in the trash! If it didn’t work for them sometimes that means it just doesn’t work!

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  1. Good deal and good for you! I can't wait for garage sales to start around here! CT doesn't get going until late March or so!