Thursday, May 19, 2011

Money Making Garage/Yard Sales.

I wanted to post how I was doing with the last 2 weeks of yard sale shopping!
I find that garage sale shopping can be trickier than shopping 99 cent day for clothes at my thrift store. Mainly because I end up coming home with so much more stuff to keep! Proof of it can be seen here and here.
So this year I am trying to keep careful track of my spending and my selling. Well, I do that anyway but I’m doing it separate for yard sales so I can make sure I’m still making money, not just spending it!
The first weekend (4/30) I spent $16.20 on items. Here is what I got to resell and how I’m doing so far.
The next week I spent $14.50 and that post is here.
Nike Tennis Skirt Size 4-6 black fit-dry
Price paid: $1

Made: $12.28

Women's long Blue Jean's American Eagle Outfitters
Price paid: $.50
Profit $9.93

Women size 6 black w/white saddle shoes Ellie in box!
Paid: $.25
Profit: $6.79
FREE shipping
Women size 8 Predictions red shoes lace-up

Paid: $.25
Profit: $1.30

MOTHERHOOD Maternity Pink White Polka Dot Dress Medium

MOTHERHOOD Maternity Pink White Polka Dot Dress Medium

Paid: $1
Profit: $8.49

TONKA METAL DUMP TRUCK VINTAGE 9 1/2" long by 4" wide 

TONKA METAL DUMP TRUCK VINTAGE 9 1/2" long by 4" wide

Paid: $1.75
Profit: $7.01

2011 leather envelope sys Dave Ramsey Financial Peace U
2011 leather envelope system
Paid: $.50
Profit: $9.94
American Eagle  Green short skirt size 12 mini

American Eagle Green short skirt size 12 mini
Paid: $1
Profit: $6.27
Ralph Lauren Polo dress with onsie size 6-12 month RedRalph Lauren Polo dress w/onsie size 6-12 month Pink

Ralph Lauren Polo dress w/onesie size 6-12 month Pink & Red

Paid: $2 for both

Profit: $7.56





Sold For
Nike Skirt
American Eagle Long Jeans
Ellie Saddle shoes
Dave Ramsey Envelop System
Red Prediction Shoes Lace up
Pink Maternity Dress Size M
Tonka Dump truck
American Eagle mini skirt
2 Ralph Lauren dresses
Total Profit: $69.58
Ok, that is the profit I made off what I spent that I sold. Yay!
On everything (personal, stuff for kids and household) I spent about $30 during those 2 weeks. I’m happy that I still came out with almost $40 profit so far and I get to keep a lot of the stuff.
I still have a breast pump that I have someone interested in from Craigslist for $60.
Now I can garage sell with peace that I am making money and not just adding junk to my house! LOL! Well, at least making money while adding stuff to my house! Ha ha!

The Shabby Nest

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  1. hey handkerchiefgal, i have done this before...i once bought about $8 or $9 worth of clothes at a yard sale and sold them for almost $100 on ebay...its been years since i did that...i have a ton of my girls name brand stuff...maybe i should give it a go again...