Monday, May 16, 2011

Easy indoor “hobo” meal

This is what we always called a hobo meal. we do it when we are camping but it is just as fun to make inside too! The kids love it and it is rather easy clean up too!
Start out by peeling, dicing and boiling potatoes. you can do this on the stove but I use the microwave and my handy micro cooker. I always underestimate how many taters I will need so make a lot! I think for 3 servings I used about 5 potatoes.

After potatoes are slightly soft then put them on sheets of Aluminum foil. If you by non-stick this might be a great time to use them…I always by the plain foil and it works ok but sticks.

Add salt & pepper, you can add some crushed red pepper…I just go through my seasoning drawer and dump stuff on.

Then you have the choice of what meat you add. I had cooked beef so that is what I used. Chicken is very good as well. Just shred it or cube it and dump it in.
Then I add cream of chicken to it. This adds some flavor. Other things you can add are:
Honey, Cream cheese, veggies (frozen or canned) butter, pineapple, sour cream, cheese, just raid your fridge!
Then fold it up and cook it at 350 or 400. I usually give it about 30 minutes to cook thru.

Yummm! Ok, so it doesn’t look like much but trust me! This is my fabulous go-to meal when I can’t think of anything else to cook. And it is always a hit! Adding Sweet potatoes is a great addition as well!

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