Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buy it now listing tips

When eBay offers free buy it now I try to always use it. Why? Let me show you.

I recently purchased this Nike tennis skirt.

Nike Tennis Skirt Size 4-6 black fit-dry

Nike Tennis Skirt Size 4-6 black fit-dry

They usually do pretty well so I listed it for $7.99 with $3.50 shipping and a buy it now price of $14.50.

That is a higher BIN price than usual but I thought that people might bid it up so I wanted it to be out of bidding range.

It sold with in hours for the $14.50! Sweet! I’m pretty excited about this and now wish I would have bought the glass dishes I saw at the same garage sale since this would have paid for that splurge! Oh well, ya never know!

PS: This also shows you don’t always need a great picture of your item.


My tips for Buy it now pricing:

  • List it only for what you will be thrilled with if it sells.
  • If you don’t know its top dollar worth (used) then don’t use the BIN. You might cap off something that could go higher.
  • If you start something at .99 cents I would say don’t do a buy it now price. It can turn people off when you have something for that little and you have BIN for $40 or something. Makes you look vain and greedy.
  • Buy it now is great for large electronics. Like laptops and even cell phones. People looking for these usually don’t want to sit around in a bidding war. I list these with BIN even if eBay isn’t running a special. They always do very well and usually are bought using BIN.


  1. Excellent little post and tips for those wishing to sell on ebay. Just found your new blog and really like your background. Hope to swim by often. Sea Witch

  2. Found your blog thru Mom's Paycheck. Thanks for all the great Ebay tips! LOVE your blog! I will be back for sure! Thanks! :-)