Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet deal on flowers!

I ran to Lowes to price some items for a kid project that I want to do, well, I didn’t get anything I needed for the project but I did find a killer deal on flowers!

I guess they are getting rid of some of the poorer looking annuals and so they are all marked 1/2 off or more! I was in flower Heaven!


Now the mulch wasn’t on sell and enjoy seeing this back in the back of my van. It is the only time you will ever see it there. I am NEVER buying mulch again! Way too expensive and I can get it from the city for free so never again. Even if it does take a bunch of time and effort and travel to get it. That’s what is happening next time!

See my pretty flowers! So nice and lively!

Check out the prices! Yes!


40 Pennies! Some were 38 Cents and some were $1.75


This one cost me $1.75. I think it is usually  around $8. I have never bought this one before.


Anyway, I know this is a rather boring post but I wanted to share my excitement with you all. I planted a bunch tonight but have a few to plant tomorrow. By the way. If you know what the above flowers are called please tell me. They didn’t have a tag and I need to know where I can plant them!


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  1. Hi,
    I'm not trying to be anonymous, it's just the only choice I know of to make right now.
    I don't know the names of your unknown flowers but I want to comment on the mulch.
    There is a little secret at Lowe's about the buying the mulch at half price! I found out by accident one day 3 yrs ago when this guy in front of me had a high stack of mulch on his cart and paid half of the total - it turns out that if the bags are torn and have lost a bit of their mulch, the workers are suppposed to put them in these larger transparent bags they have on a big roll for that purpose and they are charged 50% off at checkout!
    We also figured out that if the workers have not "overbagged" the mulch yet, you can ask them to do it and load them on your cart. I don't think Lowe's wants this info out there, but I will share it with you - because I really like your blog and your prices(but you should raise them just a little so you can make a decent profit)... Oh darn, now is the whole world going to know about the mulch?