Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday super sales!

This was my first pick of the morning!
It is a little metal teacup and saucer, complete with a candle and a doily! I nabbed it for 25 cents and my daughter has yet to put it down…well, she started eating the wax so I had to take it away and now I’m burning the candle so she can have it back. I would love to find a set of these…of course only if they are 25 cents each! Lol!

It is amazing what you find then you broaden your horizons! I just sold a package of the new Financial peace envelops for $4. Now I found these for 50 cents at a garage sell. Yay! It is actually a booklet with the envelopes so it might go for more.

My next great find was only $1! 
With the baby coming my oldest (3 yrs) will be moving to the back seat of the van. Life will just be easier if he could buckle himself in and out. So I’ve been looking for a cheap car seat. I was thinking about $10 would be good for a nice one that was used. I set my sights too high! I found this for $1. Yep, I didn’t leave that 0 off. It was $1 at a church garage sell! Not sure whoever donated would have let it go for $1! It is Cosco brand, and has a stain but I’m hoping it will wash out. Other than the stain it seams rather clean compared to some I’ve looked at! I might put my daughter in this on and my son in hers…we will see. I have yet to find out if he can buckle himself in this. But he can’t in his booster for sure.

A few months ago I got a crock container for my bacon etc grease. It is cute and good size but when I saw this for 25 cents I knew the other would have to be replaced. This smaller one will fit in my kitchen much better!

I banked at that church garage sale. All purses, bags, and pairs of shoes were 25 cents. Yes. 25 cents. This is something I only hear about in blog land! I finally got to experience it!
Got a baby bag for the the baby, or to give away at a baby shower. I didn’t think it would sell, never heard of baby sac, but just found the only bag of this brand on eBay sold for about $17, but was much nicer than this one. I think I’ll keep it till I have my baby and see what type of bag I will use for him. The bottle came with it and is brand new!
Oh but there is more!
I found the ultimate diaper bag for 25 cents.  I mean check this baby out!
It is big, about the size of a backpack! It has pockets upon pockets and snaps, zippers, and buckles! This might be my diaper bag during the first few months when I’m figuring out what I need to take for 3 kids.
I love the rustic look!

And then there is this. The outside is a soft, albeit orange leather. I could just sit and rub this. Ok, here is the catch. I have never been a ‘purse’ girl. Maybe a bag gal, but for 25 cents a bag. I just might start.

Got some levi’s for my son for 50 cents. (I know, their pricing didn’t make much cents!

Did I mention the shoes.
These were in box, used for 25 cents. I put them on Ebay and they sold for $10.25 within the first few hours (buy it now). Wow! I only made about $6 on them after fees (boo) but I was excited about the quick sell!

These are used but good condition, we will see what they sell for…

These are for my little girl. They are probably more like a 6 1/2. They are soft leather which is nice for her pudgy feet! LOL!
I know these look worn but they are Ariat brand. Isn’t that like Justin boots competitor. Anyway, for 25 cents I nabbed them. Leather alone they were worth that!

These dresses aren’t sold much on eBay that I could find, but it looks like the ones that are sold go for from $12-15. I think I’m going to sell them separately instead of together like I thought. For one they are the same size but different lengths, as you can see! And I think I can make a good bit more off them if I separate them.

I found this dress for $1. It is a maternity dress. No idea how well it sells, we will see!

American Eagle skirt for $1, should do well this summer.

American Eagle pants size 10. They are very nice, if they don’t sell now I will hold them until the fall. They were $1.

And a bunch of shorts for my son/to sell. They all fit him now but the red are Oshkosh, which I believe sell well, the patchworks always do well and are Gap and the browns are Wal-Mart brand but fit my boy great. The name brands were $1 each and the Wal-Mart's were 75 cents.
Yay! Now time to do some posting!

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  1. Those are really cool shoes and I love that canvas diaper bag! Looks like you had a great week!

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  3. acck too many typos in my first one, need to proof read!!

    OMG! I want that canvas diaper bag!! My youngest will 20 tomorrow and no babies in my future, but I want to use it for me!!! LOL
    You really scored!! Wishing you many bids on what you list! and that they pay, have had so many non payers lately. Frustrating!
    Have a great day!

  4. Wow I love the changing bags you got. what bargains.

    The car seat was a good deal too - I've found carpet spray mousse the best for getting marks off buggies/seats etc. But (I don't want to be negative about your super buy!) please, please get the seat checked out before you use it. I used to work in a charity shop (thrift store?) and for legal reasons we were never allowed to sell used car seats. They can be damaged from previous accidents or even wear and tear which might not be visible. Better safe than sorry. Hope you don't mind me saying so. xx

  5. 25 cents! whoa! great finds there:)

  6. Wow you got so much, great finds x

  7. Way to go. You scored AWESOMELY!

  8. Wow, that is quite a haul. I love hearing of bargain-hunters in other countries from mine so thanks for sharing.
    Do take the advice on the car seat. On stains, white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda might help.
    Loving the cup and saucer, like the first two pair of shoes lots, wish I was pregnant so I could buy that pink dress from you lol and as for that huge baby gear bag, that is just fabulous.
    I have posted my finds as part of Magpie Monday a bit late but now there on my blog.