Thursday, May 26, 2011

G-Sales still pay off!

Last Saturday I went g-sale shopping with my sister and we hit a bunch. I got some material, wooden spoons (always need more of those) a nice umbrella stroller (for $3! Used 1 time…retails for over $20) a laundry basket for $1 and 2 watering cans for the kids. Here’s one:


I got that one for $1 and a yellow one that is much easier for kids for 5 cents. The way people value things differently is amazing!

I also got some clothing and shoes for the boys.


But after all that shopping I ended up with just two things to resale:


Empire waist Liz Claiborne Dress size 12 Brown

Empire waist Liz Claiborne Dress size 12 Brown


Vanity Pink Polka-Dotted dress Halter top

Vanity Pink Polka-Dotted dress Halter top

Neither are brands I’ve sold before. The Vanity dress was new with tags so I figured it would do ok. It got a bid in the 1st 4 hours! I was happy with my $9 bid until someone did buy it now for the price of $19! Wow! That paid for the whole $12 I spent on everything- which was mostly stuff I kept!

The Liz Claiborne dress had a few watchers, finally after 4 days or so it got a bid of $9.99 then sold a few minutes later for $19.99. Buy it now! I made $40 off of 2 $1 items! Yep! I’m on cloud nine right now!! I guess if I could go g-saling and make $40 every weekend doing what I love I would be very happy! Specially if it was off only 2 items!

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  1. Congrats on your sales! Sounds like a fun and profitable day.