Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Making my own Chocolate Syrup

One thing I love about blogs is you can let someone else do the legwork for you!

I ran across a blog by Rachel Meeks. I actually found it because she writes a book about blogging with a busy life. Haven’t read the book but started reading her blog! It seems very down to earth. For instance she took a bunch of coco recipes and found which one was the best. Thank you for saving me that step Rachel!

Here is what she said was the best:

½ cup cocoa powder
1 cup water
2 cups sugar
⅛ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon vanilla

Mix the cocoa powder and the water in a saucepan. Heat and stir to dissolve the cocoa.


Add the sugar, and stir to dissolve. Boil for 3 minutes over medium heat. Be careful not to let it get too hot and boil over! Add the salt and the vanilla.


Let cool. Pour into a clean glass jar, and store in the refrigerator. Keeps for several months, but trust me it will be gone before then. Yields two cups.


It only takes about a teaspoon per glass of milk!

I only made a half batch to test it out first!

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